Naughty Dreams, Aria falls victim to a vampire part one

Naughty Dreams are kind of my trademark. So something that a lot of my friends and family know about me, is that I have very vivid dreams. Dreams so vivid and immersive, that they feel real. I’ll wake up with a racing heart, and swear that I can feel the last vestiges of my dreamworld break through to reality. 

The best part is… I talk in my sleep. So anyone can catch a glimpse of the wild and crazy fun I’m having while deep in slumber. So I’m just going to get right to the point of this blog. I recently had a particularly dark and seductive dream the other night, and I felt like I should share it with you.

I’m a girl of my generation. All the books and movies and shows while I was growing up had witches, werewolves, vampires, etc. The supernatural is dark, dangerous, and very seductive for the innocent and malleable.

So my dream of course, featured a supernatural creature.

I was sitting on a stool in a bar, when I could feel someone’s eyes locked on me. The hair on the back of my neck rose from the sensation of being watched. Part of me felt that the person watching me was dangerous… but the other part of me had my thighs squeezing together to quell the rising arousal.

I did a slow spin in my bar stool, my eyes doing a thorough sweep of the patrons occupying the booths along the walls. I came up empty until I got to the far back corner. The booth was shrouded in darkness, so I could only make out the barest outline of a broad masculine form. A fresh shot of arousal hit me and I slid off the stool to approach.

The closer I got, the clearer the man became. If he could really be called a man. Strong muscular arms, a full head of dark unkempt hair, sharp angles for his face, full sensuous lips curved into a hint of a smile. But the most alluring feature of the man before me were his glowing crimson eyes.

I felt my breathing hitch as I stopped in front of him.

He shifted from his relaxed pose with his arms spread out on the back of the seats, to leaning forward onto his elbows. His fingers laced under his chin as his gaze traveled up the length of my body. Achingly slow. The scrutiny caused a fresh batch of slick arousal to flow from me. His pupils narrowed to pinpoints and I heard is deep inhale.

Could he smell my wetness?! Before I lost my nerve, I slid into the seat across from him. I gave him a coy smile, and he gave me a wolfish grin in return. I didn’t think I would be shocked to see his fangs, but nonetheless, my heart kicked up a notch. He extended a hand in greeting, and introduced himself as Malkolm.

I took his hand to shake, but instead he pulled it in to lay a chaste kiss on the back. “I’m Aria,” I replied. “I noticed that you have been watching me.”

He kept my hand in his, rubbing the pad of his thumb across the expanse. His eyes returned to watching me in that predatory way. “Indeed I was… You just so happen to be the most delectable morsel in this place.” He said. His voice was a seduction all on it’s own.

My thighs were pressed together so hard, they shook.

I knew then and there where this naughty dream was going. So without further ado, I led him out of the booth and down the hallway that lead to the back alley.

The moment the door shut behind us, he was on me. I was pinned against the wall, and his mouth was hungrily on mine. He forced my lips to part and he conquered everything. It felt as if he was sucking out my soul. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with as much fire as I could. His hands were everywhere at once. My brain had no time to register where he was before he had moved on to new territory.

His hands slid up the back of the thighs, beneath my dress, to my ass. The force in which he squeezed it made me gasp. My tongue jerked in his mouth and met the sharp end of his incisors. The growl that rumbled in his chest made me weak at the knees, and he sucked my tongue until every beaded drop of blood was devoured.

His hands skimmed up my waist and to my chest. Through the thin fabric of my dress, he could feel that I was bra-less. He made a sound of approval, and he quickly found and pinched both nipples between his thumb and forefinger. My back arched in pleasure and I mewled. My nerves alighting with the mix of pain and pleasure.

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