Naughty Confessions – Santa’s Secret Shop Exposed

Naughty confessions of one of Santa’s elves. Dolls and toys have a whole new meaning for the holidays.

I’m an elf here at Santa’s workshop. I’ve been here for a very long time and not many know I exist. You see, I work with a select few other trusted elves. Why? Because Santa has a dirty secret about his shop he doesn’t want anyone else to know about.

He makes toys, yes, that much is true, but in my department, he makes different types of toys. I’m the supervisor at Santa’s Sex Shop where he makes adult toys. Santa is the ultimate voyeur and there is no age cutoff when he stops watching you.

Adults need presents, too.

My job is to try out the new toys. Not all of them. I try out one of everything so that I know it has the desired effect. Consider me one of Santa’s sexy elves.

Tonight is no different. I have in front of me a very realistic dildo. It’s ten inches long and almost as big around as a soda can. This toy is flesh-colored and veiny. It’s got realistic balls, too! My tight, tiny elf pussy is already dripping wet and I lick my lips in anticipation.

I slather the big cock with lube, not that I need much of it. But, it’s so big so I want to make sure. I bite my lower lip thinking about how much it’s about to stretch me out.

I lay back on my red velvet pillow and start to work the head up and down my slit. It’s slippery and the second it enters my pussy, I let out a soft, sexy moan.

I start to work the head of the cock in and out of my pussy.

All of a sudden, my hand jerks while my hips buck and I scream in pleasure. The toy was pushed almost balls deep into me and now it sits inside me. I work the cock up and down, letting it expand the walls of my pussy. The toy pushes on my G spot and I explode all over it.

I feel like such a dirty elf because I’m laying here with my legs spread open and a huge toy deep inside me. Although, I know I can be even dirtier. So, I grab one of Santa’s love dolls and I slap the dildo on her.

This doll has big tits, bubble butt, and such a sexy body. I mount her and slide my pussy down onto the dildo. My thighs work, moving my body up and down the shaft. I start screaming in pleasure and I can’t help but cum over and over on that hard, thick cock.

Let me tell you a secret, by the time I was done with that cock, I’d cum so much it was all over the doll, the sheets, and my legs. Santa will want to taste for himself how well his toy worked.


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