Naughty College Student Seduces Her Submissive Professor Part 2

This is my naughty college student story continued. Make sure to read the first part!

This is absolutely wrong he said, you’re my student, I’m your teacher, what if we get caught? I could lose my job. You know you want me though, I see the way you look at me when in class, you totally want to put your mouth all over my beautiful big perky tits and just have your way with me. He didn’t say anything because he knew I was right. He then came over and started to take off my shirt. Then he used his teeth to unhook my braw and he started kissing my neck and working his way down. He then got to my jeans and unbuttoned my jeans with one hand. Then he pulled down my panties with his teeth. It made me feel like such a bad girl.

He started to spread my legs open and he buried his head deep into my smooth wet pussy and started sucking my clit and rubbing my pussy so hard with his tongue. I started moaning, and I wanted to be loud. But I also knew that we had to be careful because we were in his office and who knows if anyone would be able to hear us. 

After a few minutes of him going down on me, I told him to put his cock in my pussy and fuck me from behind.

Me against the wall, he started off slow and then just got faster and faster, and kept fucking me harder and harder, making me cum all over his 6-inch cock over and over again. Being such a bad girl was just so hot.

When he was about to cum, I made him edge for a few minutes because I can be quite the cock tease. I also wanted to taste all of my pussy juices that were all over his cock. On my knees, I made him sit down in his chair. So, I put every inch of his cock in my mouth. I sucked on his cock like it was the last cock I would ever suck. He ended up cumming in my mouth. 

I swallowed every single drop of cum he had.

We even went for a couple more rounds after the first time he came. So I ended up getting showered in cum. We were both just so horny.

He and I had an agreement. We both agreed that this would stay between us, and at this point, I did have all of the power and control. I saw him regularly, no one ever suspected a thing, and of course, the original reason why I even tried to seduce him was because I wanted to cross sleeping with a college professor off of my bucket list, and he knew I wasn’t stupid, he knew I wanted him and it turns out, he’s wanted me too. It looks like it was a win-win situation for both of us. He really knew what he was doing. I will say, I never had to worry about getting anything below an A ever again.

If you missed it, read the first part of my naughty college student blog. Or, if you’re a boi toy who just has to hear my voice, check out my audio blogs.

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