Naughty Christmas Prank On My Boyfriend – I’m Going Out – Part 2

This naughty Christmas prank kept getting more and more interesting as the seconds ticked by.

Inside my head, I smiled because I knew I had him. My boyfriend was all revved up and ready to go! It warmed me up a little to know my joke was working.

I bit my lip in anticipation and I could feel my thighs getting creamy. Just a little bit more white to add to the red. Oh, I’m dirty, I know!

In one motion, he let go of my wrists and picked me up by my waist. He held me firmly as he shoved me against the wall. A mix of anger and passion driving his sexual desires.

That alone was almost enough to make me cum.

My boyfriend pressed himself up against me so that my mind conjured up very dirty thoughts. He pressed his mouth over mine and the kiss was so hot and intense. My cheeks flushed red from the fire behind his kiss.

Quickly, his lips moved to my neck and started sucking, giving me a hickey. I groaned as my head lulled back and my eyes half-closed.

Then, he started thrusting his hips into me. My breath caught because I knew he wanted me so badly. This Xmas was going down in our sex history!

Without missing a beat, he grabbed the top of my shirt (uh, if we can call it that) and tore it open! At that moment, I felt so sexy and irresistible to him.

Again, his rabid desires alone were almost enough to make me cum.

I held back though. My trick wouldn’t exactly warrant me permission to cum. Especially not so quickly.

My tits flopped out and my nipples were rock hard. He latched onto them with his teeth and bit down roughly on them. I cried out in pain and pleasure as his teeth sent shockwaves throughout my body.

While he did this, his hands found my bottoms (they were really panties, let’s be honest) and tore them free, too.

So, I was left pressed up against the wall completely naked, save for my dirty girl boots.

My boyfriend took hold of my legs. The only thing that gave me any warning was the sound of a zipper. Then, his rock hard cock was buried deep inside my dripping wet pussy. I cried out in surprise, pleasure, and in orgasmic bliss.

No, I could not hold it back any longer. His throbbing cock felt so good inside me and he slid in so easily. That was just what I needed, too. Some wild rough kinky sex!

Well, that earned me a few slaps to my perky tits. My chest was red, my pussy was full, and my head was rolling. He fucked me relentlessly. Each time I exploded all over his cock, he slapped my tits. Each time it was harder than the last.

Finally, we lay spent on the floor. He was on top of me with his head between my tits.

We were gasping with shaky legs and messy thighs.

I couldn’t help but smile down at him. The thought of my rotten joke made me giggle. Then, I was laughing with ecstasy and humor. My boyfriend looked up at me and asked me what my deal was.

“If you weren’t going to that party before, you definitely aren’t going now. So, what’s so funny?”

Between my bursts of laughter, I managed to say, “There was no party. It was a joke. You know, a prank.”

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have said that because we started round two right there on the floor. Before the night was over, my pussy was swollen and sore with at least two loads of cum that weren’t mine.


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