My Naughty Christmas List – Cuckolds & Sissy Sluts – Part 2

This is my naughty Christmas list for Santa continued.

Dear Santa,

We meet again. You and I both know that I wasn’t even close to being done with my Christmas list, but I figured that even though I shouldn’t, I like teasing you and making you wait. I bet I know what you’re thinking, what could I possibly still want? I asked for so much already. Well, I am sorry to say that I’m still not satisfied, and yes, I still want more. It is the season of gift-giving after all isn’t it?

For this next item on my list, I want access to a big black cock 24/7.

Everyone knows I’m a total size queen and the bigger the cock, the better it is for me. I just feel like black cocks are so much fun to play with and when I have one inside of me, I feel like such a confident kinky beautiful Goddess. It’s like he’s the king, and I will gladly have my way with him and his cock. My perfect black cock would be about 12 inches long, 3 inches thick around, and his balls would always be full of cum for me. I would want him to make sure that cock was ready for me whenever I wanted it or needed it, and I would want him to make sure he fucks me in every hole and showers me in all of that thick creamy cum.

So remember when I was asking for sexy clothes so that way I could convert men into kinky sissy boys? Well, there’s also another reason for that. I also want my own live-in sissy. Someone who is under my control 24/7, someone who basically will commit to being my little sissy slave. Someone who will do all of my chores, cook for me, go my groceries, even someone who will suck cock for me like a good sexy sissy cuckold should.

If I was able to have my own live-in sissy and have a big black cock at my disposal all of the time.

That would be a life of happiness I would want. A bonus if the sissy enjoys being humiliated like a bad girl. I could invite all of my girlfriends over and I can make them put on a show for me and we could all laugh. I know that sounds horrible, but a lot of sissy boys love it.

So there you have it Santa, those are the items I want this year for Christmas. Can you see why now I’m not upset about being on your naughty list? I just went along and made my own naughty list. It’s like I always say, being bad just feels ever so good. 

I can’t wait to wake up on Christmas day and see what will be waiting for me under my tree. Maybe I’ll even get some new toys as stocking stuffers, or maybe I’ll just get stuffed if you know what I mean.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays all,

Stay naughty and stay slutty,


Your naughty red-headed Goddess,


Please, check out part 1 to see the beginning of my naughty Christmas list. Or, check out my audio blog to hear me explain why I’m such a bad, naughty girl.

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