Naughty Cheerleader Gives School Mascot Sympathy Sex Part 2

I hope you like what happens next in my naughty cheerleader story!

Finally, the night arrived. I was going to put all of my sexually devious plans into action. It was time to put those egotistical jocks in their place and I knew exactly how to do that. Well, the jocks weren’t the only ones I invited to this party. The entire cheer squad was coming, too. When I put on a show, I put on one hell of a show.

It was already an hour or so into the party and everyone was partying pretty hard. Some were playing pong while others were dancing (provocatively, I might add). You could feel the sexual tension starting to build. The quarterback kept pressing himself against me, groping my body. He really thought he owned this piece of ass. But, as you all know, all this hotness can’t be tamed. Take that as a challenge if you want, that just makes it more fun for me.

That was when the doorbell rang.

I eagerly peeled myself off of the quarterback and hurried to answer it. There stood the mascot dressed in his costume except for the headpiece. He held that part in his hands and he looked nervous as shit. Just in time because I thought he wasn’t going to show up.

I let him in and it was like a scene out of a movie. The party just went dead quiet. Then, roars of laughter filled my living room while everyone pointed. What a nasty trick they were assuming I was playing. The mascot turned to leave and I could see his blush spreading to his neck.

I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him inside. Kicking the door closed, I pushed him into the center of the room. The laughter subsided and everyone looked at each other, whispering to themselves. I mean, what was a hot cheerleader doing with the geeky mascot?

Gently, I pushed him onto the coffee table. He looked just as confused as everyone else and that amused me. I took his headpiece from him and placed it on his head. My hand slid down his chest and I started rubbing his cock through the fabric of his costume.

I licked my lips as my fingers found the zipper near his crotch.

Normally, it was for ease of access for bathroom breaks, but I was going to use it. Oh, yes, yes I was. Because that is what a naughty cheerleader does.

The mascot’s breathing started getting heavier and heavier as I stroked his cock. It really took him no time at all to get rock hard. It also amused me that his cock was just as big, if not bigger, than the quarterbacks. I smiled and knelt down in front of the school’s mascot. My tongue teased the top of his head while my hand continued to stroke his shaft.

The cheer squad was giggling amongst themselves. I heard a few whispered conversations and they seemed to think I was going to play a nasty trick on the poor guy. They were absolutely convinced that was about to go down. Boy, were they in for a shock! I stopped stroking him and my mouth replaced my hand.

I took every inch of him until my chin touched his balls.

He was pretty inexperienced, that much was obvious. How could I tell? Well, it only took a few minutes for him to blow his load down my throat.

The crowd waited in anticipation, expecting something else to happen. No, I did not disappoint any of them. After the mascot came in my mouth, I licked his cock clean and swirled my tongue around my lips to get what slipped out. I think he was surprised, too, because there was no mean trick. There was only sexual gratification.

Then, I stood up and started giving him a lap dance. My ass swayed over his cock. I knew it wouldn’t take him long to get hard again, not for this naughty cheerleader. So, I started getting ready for that to happen. I slipped my top over my head and wiggled my perky tits in his face. My bra was sheer and lacy so my hard nipples poked right through the material. That was fine because I was going to take it off anyway.

That was exactly what I did, too.

His cock started twitching in anticipation as I slid my skirt down my long legs. The only thing left to take off was my panties. When I did, I stuffed them in the sleeve of the mascot’s costume. “Those are for later.” I purred.

Every pair of eyes were on us as I straddled him. They gasped as I rode his cock better than I’ve ever ridden before. I shifted my hips back and forth then up and down. Oh, his cock hit my g spot just right. It didn’t take me long to cum all over his cock. I came so hard that some of it splashed onto his suit. With just a little encouraging, he exploded inside my pussy.

Needless to say, that was a night the entire football team would remember. Them and the cheer squad, too. Let’s just say our mascot was never picked on again after that.

So, as I love to say. I’m saving the world one orgasm at a time.


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