Naughty Cheerleader Gives School Mascot Sympathy Sex Part 1

This is a true story about how I was a naughty cheerleader. Well, one of them anyway.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I used to be a cheerleader. Now, every girl on the squad has fucked the quarterback. Yes, myself included. But, I’m an equal opportunist and I think everyone deserves a piece of the pie. Well, cream pie in this case.

One day during cheer practice, I noticed the entire football team seemed to be in a mean-spirited mood. They kept tackling each other and getting into fistfights. The only thing I did was roll my eyes. Just because I like it rough in the bedroom (or wherever) didn’t mean I wanted to get in the middle of a physical pissing contest. Fuck all that noise.

It was about that time that the school’s mascot came out onto the field. He was fully dressed in his alligator outfit so he could practice his routines for the upcoming game. The jocks decided it would be a good idea to gang up on him. They were nasty; teasing him, pushing him around, calling him names, and it seemed like it was only going to escalate from there. Now, I’m all for kicking ass and taking names if someone deserves it, but this guy was just doing his own thing.

Goddamn testosterone-driven asswads!

So, I decided that I’d do something about it. It’s one thing for guys to beat each other up for kicks, but when it’s one-sided, I feel like that’s an issue. It was time to put out some of my infamous charm even if it was in front of the entire squad.

I sauntered across the field, swaying my hips enticingly as I went. Every set of eyes turned to watch my every move. So, I tossed my hair flirtatiously and gave them all my sexiest smile. These jocks, I could tell, knew I was doing it for them. They thought I was going to go for gangbang round two. The quarterback, especially. He was under the impression that he had the biggest dick on campus and all the ladies wanted a piece of him. Though it was true he had a big cock. But, his big cock was significantly dwarfed by his massive ego and I wanted to bring him down a notch.

I stopped mere inches away from the quarterback.

I put my hand seductively on his chest like a dirty girl and leaned in closely. My lips were so close to him that we were almost kissing. That’s when I announced that I was going to have a party that weekend and everyone was invited. Then, I turned my gaze to the mascot. I gave him a playful wink. 

“You’re coming, too, right?” I asked, but my question was more of a statement. “Come in your costume, yeah?”

You should have seen the stunned looks on their faces. A few dropped their jaws in shock and bewilderment. With that, I flipped my hair as I turned around. All eyes were on my tight ass in my sexy cheer skirt as I walked away. I smiled to myself because the gears in my head were already turning. Oh, yes, I was making some very naughty plans. As the naughty girl I am, it made my pussy so wet.


To Be Continued…


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