Naughty Babysitter Gets Blackmailed Part 2

Later that night when I was getting ready for bed I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Since I hadn’t planned on staying over and had no Pjs with me, Mr. Williams had given me one of his wife’s little nighties to change into. It was white and frilly and you could see my tits popping out. It was really raunchy. I left my little frilly panties underneath.

I had never really done anything like this before with an older man never mind a married one that I worked for! A part of me felt so guilty but I knew I couldn’t resist now. I actually thought this stuff only happened in the movies! Lol Truth is I had been crushing on Mr. Williams for a very long time. It was the main reason I took this job as a babysitter, but I never in a million years ever thought anything like this would ever happen! I checked myself in the mirror one last time and slowly made my way upstairs…

I entered his room, and he was waiting for me on the bed in nothing but his underwear.

He was watching me as I walked in. “You ready for our second round?” He asked as I stood over the bed with my little see through nightie. He pulled me hard onto the bed and kissed me while shoving his tongue into my mouth. I pulled him closer and asked him if he wanted to help me off with my little nightie?

He pulled the straps down with his teeth working his way down my zipper. Groaning, he yanked my nightie off and my panties down from with his teeth and fucked me even harder this time from behind. He was pumping me pussy really hard, I could feel every inch of his cock deep inside of me. My tits were bouncing up and down as he was fucking me. I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him farther into me. “oh ya fill me up with that cock baby fill me up with that cum! When we were done fucking I could feel his cum dripping all over every part of my body!

I knew I was being such a bad girl tonight!

Mmmm you were amazing Mr. Williams! I said trying to catch my breath. You know I have to be honest, I have been crushing on you for a very long time. In fact that’s the main reason I took this job. I mean don’t get me wrong your kids are great and I love watching them but I mainly took it so I could be around you!  “You were amazing too Brianna, and I have also had a thing for you since you started working for me. Now I know just how dirty and what a naughty babysitter you really are! I was just waiting for my wife to bet out of town so I could have some raunchy fun with you. In fact not only can you keep your job I think it’s time for a raise! I smiled and said “Same time next week?”

I hope you enjoyed my Naughty babysitter story. If you wanna hear this dirty story in my sexy voice you should check out my audio.

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