Naughty Babysitter Gets Blackmailed Part 1

One night when I was babysitting after the kids fell asleep, I was feeling really dirty and horny and started playing with my little pussy while looking at porn on my phone. The husband, Mr. Williams came home early and caught me with my legs spread wide open, aside on the coffee table. I told him I was “soo sorry” and I wasn’t expecting him home so early. He threatened to fire me unless I could give him a good reason why he shouldn’t. I told him I would do “anything” he wanted as I couldn’t afford to lose my job. He paused for a minute… then said I could start by taking my top off.  He wanted to see how dirty I could get.

I was in total shock, this was a married man for god sake! I admit I had a big crush on him and I knew his wife was away on businesses but never expected anything like this to happen. “Are you sure we should be doing this Mr. Williams?” Do you wanna keep your job or not Brianna?” he asked. Then he told me to take my top off. I pulled it off slowly revealing my see through bra. I was also wearing short frilly skirt and I knew things were gonna get really dirty! He told me to get my tits out, I threw my bra off  I knew what was coming so I bent over and pulled my panties aside and slid my fingers into my throbbing wet pussy.

Oh god now I was starting to get really fucking horny…

I slipped off my panties right off and bent over the couch pulling my ass cheeks apart so he could get a good view of my dripping wet pussy.

He realised I was now good and ready for this cock so he dropped his pants and let me pull his cock out.

I slipped in my mouth and took it right down the back of my throat like a bad girl would. He had a large thick cock that was circumcised, I slide up and down the shaft and sucked on it hard at the same time.

Mmmmm, it tasted so amazing!

He guided his hand to my pussy and I continued to suck hard on his cock.

He explored my pussy and clit expertly and occasionally cupping his fingers to his face and, then offering them to me. I loved to suck my own pussy juices from his fingers!

His fingers felt so good slipping over my shaved wet pussy down to my wet pussy lips and feeling around my clit. He was pressing really hard against it. My raunchy mind was starting to think about feeling of his cock sliding inside me and filling my pussy stretching it out.

He must have really wanted it too because he threw me to the sofa, ripped my panties off and fucked me hard gliding his cock deep inside of me. We both moaned in pleasure as we fucked with all our strength, non-stop. “Oh come on baby don’t stop…fuck me harder …keep pumping my little pussy” I shouted!

His breathing was harder and he moaned even louder. I could feel his urgency to cum as I felt the grip on his cock tightening. I was not sure how much longer I could hold out, when suddenly I let out a scream. ‘Oh yes baby, fuck yes!!…Oh yeah!

My body was shaking as I as began to squirt cum all over my bed!

He also began to cum as he pulled me closer filling me up with his thick cum. He had made such a mess and so did I ! The couch was absolutely covered in cum.” Oh wow that was amazing Brianna” he said and I told him he was amazing as well. I asked him if I was able to keep my job now?  He said “ Well yes for now you can defiantly keep your job I think that will teach you for being a bad girl won’t it?”  I blushed and smiled said “Yes Mr. Williams, but what do you mean for now? What else can I do? He said “ Well there is one thing I need you to do. As you know my wife is away on business and I really want you to spend the night with me.”….

The next part of my naughty babysitter blog is coming out on Wednesday. If you can’t wait, check out my audio blog and if you liked my naughty babysitter story check out Faith’s Babysitter phone sex story.

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