Nervous but ready to lose my virginity!

I was a teenager and the boyfriend I had at the time was super into me. We had been dating for maybe three months and we had talked about having sex before. We were both virgins and we were pretty excited to lose our virginity to each other! I remember we set the date of when and where it would happen. We picked a weekend my parents were going to be gone. That Friday after class we would go straight to my place for our own little romantic weekend together!

Once Friday came along I was super eager to see him! Classes that day were boring the hell out of me, I just kept day dreaming about how this weekend would go. Everything seemed to be going according to our plan until I felt myself start my period. For some reason, my period came early that month and I just couldn’t believe it! I didn’t want to ruin our great weekend together so I told him I didn’t feel too good but I still wanted him to spend the weekend with me. He respected my wishes and like we had planned, we met up after school and went to my place.

Once we were inside my living room, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him! I wanted him to take my virginity so badly but I didn’t have the guts to tell him I was on my period, not yet. I was still so nervous with this boy and I wanted everything to be perfect. Of course, I learned very soon that life wasn’t meant to be perfect, it was meant to be messy!

Later on in the night.

We were laying in bed and just about to doze off. He was cuddling me from behind and I could feel his cock get a little harder with each move I made. I was so horny for him, feeling his cock hardening right in between my ass cheeks made me want him so badly. All I wanted was to finally know the feeling of having a cock inside me. I had always watched porn and looked up pictures, it looked like it felt really good. Finally, I couldn’t help myself. All I wanted was to have at least a little taste but I wanted to lose my virginity to him so badly!

I flipped around and I was on top of him, kissing his neck grinding on him. God, he felt good without even needing to be inside of me, I was such a horny little virgin getting wet over the slightest touch! I kissed my way down him as I pulled his cock out of his shorts. He was looking at me with such awe, he didn’t realize I’ve done this before. Looking him right in the eyes, I slipped his cock into my throat and sucked and stroked his hard virgin cock. And that was when he reached for my horny pussy and told him I was on my period.

A taste of blood.

He got a look in his eyes and immediately started kissing me, he made his way right between my legs under my dress. He cleaned up my bloody little pussy, while flicking and teasing my horny clit. After he made me cum, he got up between my legs.

I knew what was about to happen! The head of his cock was pushing on my clit and he rubbed it up and down the slit of my bloody pussy. Until finally, He stuck the tip inside me. He slowly pushed it in deeper. I felt the pop and he kept stroking. I couldn’t believe I finally lost my virginity!

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