My Used Panties Drive Him Crazy – Part 2

If you need a refresher or haven’t read part 1 yet then read it here. If you’ve been waiting for Thursday to come so you could read what happens next then welcome back! I’m so glad you could join me. Now let’s get back to when things were beginning to heat up between me and my perverted client!

The worn panties were in a Ziploc bag inside a blue envelope. It turned me on hearing him opening his special gift from me. The panties were a light purple. Delicate and made from soft cotton. That’s the best kind of fabric for this sort of thing if you didn’t know already! But chances are if you’re still reading this then you know that very well.

Anyway, I heard him gasp in amazement as he held the panties in his hand. He wanted to bury his nose in them but not without my permission first! I wasn’t going to let him just have it without some teasing. So I started talking about all the exercise and masturbation I did in those panties. Just teasing him with my words already was making his cock twitch and leak with precum. It made me feel naughty doing this – and with an older man too! He was about to smell a young 20-something’s worn underwear. Neither one of us could be more excited.

Finally, I gave him permission to place them to his nose.

At this point I was already feeling a wet spot in the panty I was currently wearing at the time. I didn’t stop teasing him with my dirty words either. It made my pussy wet telling him all the things I did while in those used cotton undies. Hearing him take in a big whiff put the biggest smile on my face!

During our call, I began to have him imagine as if he were there behind me and on his knees. I was bent over a table with my panty-covered round ass in his face. Looking back at him I said with a smile “press your face against my ass right now!” Without hesitation he did it, inhaling my sexy scent through the soft fabric. Remember, he loves the natural smell of both my ass and pussy. I don’t even have to tell you how aroused he was at this point! I was definitely driving him crazy in the best way possible.

As he sniffed over the fabric, from my ass down to my pussy, I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

I could hear in his breath that things were really heating up! So I allowed him to stroke his hard cock while he kept taking deep whiffs. Of course, I had to rub myself while listening to him jerking off. The both of us were so turned on and I was getting ready for him to cum! He doesn’t like to cum on the panties on the first go though. He saves that for later so he can indulge in my scent longer.

When he couldn’t handle it any longer he fucking erupted. All the while my scent was still deep in his nostrils. It’s such a pleasure sending gifts like this to perverts like him! I’m sure he will be back for more of where that came from!

If you’re interested in having your own pair from yours truly then please email me at

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