My Used Panties Drive Him Crazy – Part 1

There’s a certain someone I know who absolutely adores my used panties! He’s obsessed with them if I am to be perfectly honest. I’m totally fine with that, by the way! Honestly, I love knowing how worked up he gets while playing with the used panties that I wear. He’s a sweet guy and he just really loves my scent! Other guys enjoy my natural scent as well. It turns me on quite like nothing else!

Just knowing these guys are getting off to something so natural and real. Not to mention how personal something like this is! It definitely brings a mischievous smile to my face.

Did you know I sell my worn panties?

Yeah, it’s not the only thing I sell here but it’s probably a favorite of mine! Anyway, this “certain someone” bought pair number two from me recently. He was thrilled with the first pair so I knew this time wouldn’t disappoint either! As soon as they arrived he had to let me know about it via email. But of course, he wasn’t going to open the package until he was on the phone with me. It’s a special moment, you know? Having a girl personally send you something so intimate to use for jerking off. Then opening the package while she’s on the phone with you.

First of all, let me tell you how I like to do this before sending my panty to a horny pervert. Unless I am asked to do it a specific way, I always wear them for either two or three days. Obviously, there will be playtime in them! I strive to ensure my scent is locked into the soft fabric.

And before sending “the goods” to my panty lover I always play in them one last time. It makes me feel so naughty going to the post office afterward. Also, I have to admit that sometimes I rub my pussy when I get home from the post office. I can’t help but feel like a really dirty girl for doing something so perverted!

So when they arrived at his doorstep he knew he would be in for a treat.

Can you imagine the excitement on both ends? He was ecstatic over their arrival. Meanwhile, I was excited to hear his reaction upon opening the package over the phone. So after notifying me of their arrival we quickly planned a phone call together. Already my pussy was becoming wet and tingly with anticipation.

Not only was he going to indulge in my pussy’s scent but my beautiful ass too! Oh yes, he’s a super big pervert. He especially loves when he can smell some sweat along with my squirt juices. So this was the moment he had been waiting for all week. I was ready for him to revel in my dirty panties once more.

When I answered his phone call I knew his cock was already becoming aroused. Maybe not fully erect yet but that would soon change once he pulled out the worn panties. If you’re a perv like him then you must know how delighted he was to have his hands on them! He was ready to dive in with his nose. But we’ll get more into that in part 2 on Thursday. Unless you would like to grab the audio to this dirty story now! It’ll make you feel as if you’re in his place.

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