My Ultimate Revenge Part 6 

I love reminding my enemies of my power. want to hear my ultimate revenge story? read on, if you dare babe;) if you missed part 6 click here

My sweet Lucifer Morningstar is so receptive to my energy. He picks up on my throbbing cunt and shows up before me; ready to suck on my sweet nectar.

He asks me if I am ready to destroy Robert Blackwood once and for all. “I am ready, my lord” I respond, as his lizard tongue slithers directly into my magical pussy. Mmmmm how wickedly divine Satan’s tongue is! It extends all the way to my cervix.

Fuck he feels so amazing sliding that tongue in and out of me, I can’t help but explode all over him.

This instant orgasmic release causes us to cackle in sinful pleasure. “Mmmm Satan, follow me and we will get this revenge over with so we can continue where we left off”. his glowing red eyes agree with mine as we continue down the cold, breezy woodland path.

As the night wind picks up his pace, so does my passionate fury to mark my vengeance upon my past lover. As the sun sets, so does the life of Robert Blackwood.

He thinks his cabin in the woods is a mystery to me. Hahaha, such an assumption is evidence of his foolishness. For I am the epitome of mystery!

I know those woods like the back of my witchy hand!

Little did he know when he was off lurking in his little “secret” cabin I was spying on him. At that time I was alive and naive, it was because I was genuinely fascinated and enthralled by his charm. I couldn’t get enough of my older, handsome lover. Ultimately I ended up dying because of him.

However, this is the plot twist.

For I can utilize my knowledge of his whereabouts to remind him that I am a force to be reckoned with.

Satan and I approach the small wooden cabin holding my sworn enemy. I can see him starting a fire. Probably preparing some sort of meal to nourish his soon-to-be-dead body. “Lucifer darling, you wait here by the door. When I signal you through my energy, you will know to wreak your havoc as usual”

he winks and slides his tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply before I proceed to work my dark magic.

As a ghost, I can choose to reveal and veil myself as I please. I don’t even need to knock, as my sheer energy form can go through any structure I please! I hover over Roberts’s body. He is bent over a wash pale, cleansing his hands for supper. A look of sheer terror and shock emerges upon his face as the water turns to blood. Immediately, I slam his head in the water and bind his hands and legs with rope.

“Ahahahahaha you thought you were rid of me, Robert Blackwood? Let me be frank here, that girl that you led on and ultimately allowed to die for your protection? She is here! Be prepared to meet your worst nightmare, lover”

He gasped and moaned as the blood entered his airways. Dousing him in the blood of my vengeance. For it is my blood he spilled, so let him taste it. He tried to beg and plead for mercy, forgiveness, and blah blah blah….

Well, sweetheart, you fucked with the wrong witch.

instantly, I threw him down on the floor, Satan picked up on my signal and entered. “ remember Robert, when you fucked me like your little whore? Tonight you’re gonna be our little whore”. His eyes widened in terror as satan ripped off his clothes with a swipe of his claws. “Now you will feel what it’s like to be our little bitch! Ahahahaha”

what will become of Mr.Blackwood? stay tuned to find out. meanwhile click here and enjoy!

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