My Ultimate Revenge  pt 5

I love reminding my enemies of my power. want to hear my ultimate revenge story? read on, if you dare babe;)

I watched as the house of my sworn arch-nemesis burned to the ground. A glowing red and black aura hovered around the grave of my enemies’ remnants. Oh, how the tables have turned indeed!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, my soul is reborn, meanwhile, Sara Blackwood’s asshole is destroyed and torn ahahahaha! 

“Burn in hell bitch!” I happily recited as I danced all over that bitches grave. I spat and I cursed at the Blackwood remains. My beautiful toes and feet danced like never before Meanwhile, I twirled and cackled to my spirits content!

Ah yes, you might be wondering… WHERE THE FUCK IS MR.BLACKWOOD?

Well well, my darling, take heed in your patience, I’ve got something very special for our Mr. Blackwood… that coward… I can feel it, his presence isn’t too far… My nipple is twitching… My witchy senses are tingling,

And by the feel of my throbbing cunt, I can intuitively map out where Mr. Blackwood is hiding.

I can trace it back to the energy of his cum lingering in the energy of my sex center. Oh Mr. Blackwood, you pathetic scoundrel. You thought you could get away with inseminating my young body and then burning away the evidence? Ahahahaha you are much too innocent to be attempting to play such a devious game. You provided me with the perfect way to hunt you down! You bloody fool! I know where you are hiding, Robert Blackwood.

And it’s only a matter of time before I connect you with your ultimate demise; you will regret the day you decided to deceive me with your selfish intentions.

I can sense that you are scared. Ultimately, your rotten soul can sense the intensity of my fury. Frankly, your firm, masculine arms are merely an illusion for your limp and feeble being. Your exterior charm is all you’ve got. Ultimately, you are a low-life loser who has nothing to live for.

I was the best thing that ever happened to you. I was your escape to paradise.

You only married Sara because you lost all your money and had to play your way into marrying the priest’s daughter. That’s the only way you were able to survive now wasn’t it Robert!? Ahahaha well, now it’s time for you to pay penance. You piece of shit! Ahahaha soon to be a rotten shit burning in hell! Alongside your pathetic little family. Of which is now the eternal sex slaves of our handsome dark lord, Satan. Let’s just say he’s not exactly fond of “taking it easy” on his victims.

He pummels them deep and hard with a 13-inch spiked rod! All while his band of incubi demons join in on the fun.

Ensuring that every victim of his is thoroughly punished. And then he does it all over again because he can. Moreover, satan loves me and adores torturing my enemies for pretty little me. after all, I am Satan’s favorite witch. Conclusively, I have dedicated my soul’s purpose to engaging in magic and carnal sin. This is my way to pay homage to my dark savior, Lucifer Morningstar.

Just saying his name makes my witch cunt throb. I get so fucking horny and wet. 

stay tuned for the continuation of my ultimate revenge. if you want to find out now , click here for the full story for a similar treat, click here.

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