My Stepbrother, Handcuffs, and Restraints – What Could Be Better – Part 2

My Stepbrother told me to lay on the bed and he would show me how the handcuffs and leg restraints worked. However, I looked up at him and told him I needed this to feel real. Therefore I needed to be undressed and in my ripoff panties as he handcuffed and restrained me.

Are you certain he asked? My heart was beating so hard and my pussy was soaking wet. Was he going to do this, I kept thinking.

I looked at him and said yes, I am certain. Removing my robe I stood in front of him naked. I reached for the panties and pulled them on. Then I laid back on the bed. Can you position me, please?

He nodded and sat beside me. Then he took my wrists and put them above my head. Fastening the handcuffs and attaching them to the bed. He then looked at my perky breasts before he got up and moved to the end of the bed.

He reached for my left ankle and I felt him attach the restraint. Then he did the same to the right ankle. Then he pulled my legs wide and attached them to the bedposts.

He stood at the end of the bed looking at me.

I lay on my back restrained, naked except for the panties. Watching his cock start to stick out of his boxers. I looked at him and asked him to rip off my panties so I would know what they would feel like. In fact there was no hesitation as he reached between my legs, grabbing my swollen pussy and ripping them off.

His hand was certain to be wet from my juices but he just stared at me. I looked at him and told him I wanted him. To clarify I told him to take me. Use me, fuck me.

He pulled his boxers off and walked toward me. His cock was hard and wet. He went to my face and smacked my mouth with his dick. Open he said.

I opened and he pushed his cock inside my mouth. As a result, I licked and sucked my stepbrother’s cock as I tasted his precum. Arching my back and moaning. I had never wanted anything more.

As I sucked his cock I felt his fingers plunge into my wet, swollen pussy. I immediately orgasmed all over his hand. He pulled his fingers from me as he removed his penis from my mouth. Then I felt his hand inside my mouth. I licked his fingers, tasting myself. Feeling my pussy get warmer. I needed him, I wanted him.

My Stepbrother.

As I sucked his fingers he licked my breasts, sucking and pulling on my nipples with his teeth. He pulled his hand out of my mouth and kissed down my stomach and I felt his warm tongue graze my slit and clit. I moaned again, this time I could feel myself squirt.

He then teased and played with my pussy until I was begging again. Please I said, fuck me.

He smiled as he plunged his throbbing cock deep inside of me, filling my cunt with his sperm.

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