My Sorority Sister Becomes My Lesbian Lover – Part Two

I stopped thinking and just followed my instincts kissing her, touching her felt so right. She said she wanted to see me – all of me. Our clothes just seemed to disappear when I felt her lips kissing their way down my stomach and to my wet pussy, she looked up at me and said “I can’t wait to taste you!” I suddenly got very nervous… but before I could form a full thought her warm tongue dove into my wetness. 

I am not an expert, by any means. But her tongue certainly seemed to know exactly what it was doing.

God, her tongue was as seductive as she was. I suddenly felt her fingers slide inside my pussy… sucking my clit while she fingered and teased me. Emily brought her wet lips to my face and kissed me, so I could taste myself. She said she loved how sweet I taste. I ran my hands over her body, exploring the curves of her breasts and hips. 

Eagerly, I took one of her nipples in my mouth, while moving my hand down her stomach and to her sweet wetness.

She was just as excited as I was, I wanted to taste her too. Until that night, I’ve never experienced a 69 with a woman. Now, I knew it would become my favorite. Feeling her expert tongue on my pussy while her beautiful wet pussy hovered over my lips, was incredible! 

Emily’s pussy was completely bald and very wet. When she put her pussy over my face, I saw just how perfect her pussy lips were. Like something from a painting. I couldn’t bring her to my mouth fast enough! Emily and I gave ourselves over to pleasure that night. We surrendered to every single thing we wanted to experience together. 

A couple of hours later, Emily asked me if I had experimented with bondage.

I explained I had with a couple of guys, but never with a woman. She said she wanted to tease me, make me lose control, and watch me give into pleasure at her command. The idea sounded insanely hot and I was eager to try it.

I couldn’t believe one moment I was with my sorority sister and the next we were talking about bondage. Emily brought out some nylon rope to tie my hands above my head. She also used a silk scarf to blindfold me, to intensify the experience. I was so turned on. While blindfolded, Emily pulled out some toys to use on me; the first was this tiny vibrator which she used on my nipples to tease me before really making me suffer by using it on my swollen clit. 

As she teased my needy clit, she pushed the head of a dildo inside my pussy.

Emily ordered me to spread my legs to allow her full access. I loved that she ordered me! Emily teased me mercilessly for what seemed like an eternity but was just about 30 minutes. Finally, she decided she had to fuck me. 

She put on a strap on and fucked my pussy slow and deep until she had me on the edge. Each thrust I tried to hold on, to not cum until she aid I could. When she told me to cum for her I exploded and squirted all over her cock and thighs. She continued her thrusts with added force and made me squirt again and again. It was intoxicating! 

We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing, kissing and fucking. When morning came we kissed goodbye and agreed to see each other that night. 

And that is how my sorority sister became my lover….

Missed the first part of my story? You can find it here! If you want the audio blog for this story (part one and two) you can purchase it here.


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