My Sorority Sister Can’t Help Herself Masturbation- Part 2

My sorority sister can’t help herself masturbation. I stopped staring at her and looked down at the laptop to what porn she selected. It was a woman directed porn from Bellesa House which was a threesome with one guy and a girl. I was surprised at her selection but more surprised at how intently she was watching and smiling at the encounter. Mind racing with so many questions the first one that popped out was: So are you gay? Breaking glaze from the computer she said was bi sexual but more experienced with woman then men. For now, that was all the answers I needed as I awkwardly rolled over to go to sleep. Roughly I got to sleep but all I can think about was being in a threesome with Gabby and my previous college boyfriend. This carried one for a few more nights.

Noticing that Gabby was very comfortable with her body and very open with her sexuality. Many times I’ve have talked to her only to see her naked. Loving that in a woman, but I didn’t ask her if she was interested in me in that way. Deciding to test it out the next night. When she pulled out her laptop to put on another threesome porn that started with a lesbians couple on the bed. I stopped thinking and just followed my instincts kissing her, touching her hand. Wanted to all of her and wanted her to all of me. Our clothes just seemed to disappear when I felt her lips kissing their way down my stomach and to my wet pussy, she looked up at me and said “I can’t wait to taste you!” Only imagining what the  warm tongue was like I dove into my wetness. 

We devoured each other

God, her tongue was as seductive and erotic. I suddenly felt her fingers slide inside my pussy… sucking my clit while she fingered and teased me. Gabrielle brought her wet lips to my face and kissed me, so I could taste myself. She said she loved how sweet I taste. I ran my hands over her body, exploring the curves of her breasts and hips. She felt and tasted so good I can not help myself.  Eagerly, I took one of her nipples in my mouth, while moving my hand down her stomach and her sweet wetness. She was just as excited as I was, I wanted to taste her too. Opening her legs full to give me a full access to her pussy, I let my tongue lick like a lollipop to sweet insides.

Gabrelle’s pussy was completely bald and very wet. Explained I had with a couple of guys, but never with a woman. She said she wanted to tease me, make me lose control, and watch me give into pleasure at her command. The idea sounded insanely hot and I was eager to try it. She put on a strap on and fucked my pussy slow and deep until she had me on the edge. Each thrust I tried to hold on, to not cum until she aid I could. When she told me to cum for her I exploded and thighs. She continued her thrusts with added force and made me squirt again and again. It was intoxicating! We spent the rest of the night talking and laughing, kissing and fucking. This became our routine, so we both needed a little porn and to cum to fall asleep.

Missed the first part of my story? You can find it here! If you want the audio blog for this story (part one and two) you can purchase it here.


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