My Sissy’s Humiliation with TSA Part 2 – FAI-A-0001-6-19-2023

To continue My Sissy’s Humiliation, we walk into a small white room that is only decorated with a bench along one wall, and 3 plastic chairs along the other.  The agents start asking Lexi all kinds of questions. I walk over to one of the chairs and sit back so I can watch the show.  

Lexi is just standing there, not really saying anything, and just looking at me.  They tell her that if she doesn’t start talking they are going to have to strip-search her. As I start to giggle, the agents turn and look at me. I try to stifle my laughter, but I can’t. She’s not going to talk, I say, so they should go ahead and just start the strip search. 

The female agent reaches down and pulls the little black dress up over Lexi’s head. She’s standing there in her purple bralette and panties and black stockings while we all just look at her. Her face is flushed with this beautiful crimson that gets my little pussy wet.  

The agents use the hand-held metal detectors again and move it over the very obvious bulge in Lexi’s purple panties.

The alarms immediately go off.  

“What do you have between your legs, ma’am?” The man is unamused, but I’m giggling in the background and I can see this tiny smirk on the woman’s face. She looks at me with this knowing smile. 

“Drop the panties.” She says. 

Lexi looks at me, and I just nod at her.  She hooks her hands in her panties and shimmy’s them to the ground. There she is, in all her glory, with her metal cock cage for the TSA agents to see. She flushed from the neck up, and so humiliated that she can’t do anything but stare at a spot on the ground.  

Both of the agents look at me and then at each other as the realization of what Lexi actually sets in.  She’s my sissy and I’ve caged her. 

“I’m sorry for all the trouble,” I say.  I’m sure I can make it up to you. 

My sissy is great with her mouth. 

Like the good little sissy she is, she drops to her knees. She knows exactly what I mean when I say things like that and obeys me completely.  The male TSA agent looks at me and then kind of shrugs his shoulders and pulls his big cock out. 

Lexi takes that cock in her mouth like a good little cock sucker and starts to give him one of her best blow jobs.  As soon as I see how nice that cock is, I know I have to have it in my little pussy. Lexi is a great fluffer and does all the hard work of getting it nice and hard.  

That’s enough I say, and Lexi sits back on her heels waiting for her next orders.  I pull my panties down and motion for the man to come over and he slides that cock right inside me. It feels so fucking good. I haven’t forgotten Lexi though. I tell her to make the woman agent comfortable.  

Lexi lays her back on the bench and pulls her pants down around her ankles.  She starts licking the agent’s sweet pussy, making her moan out loud.  I tell Lexi not to stop until she makes her cum, although it’s getting difficult for me to talk because I have a huge cock in my tight pussy. 

Best Vacation Ever!

I can feel that hard cock getting bigger inside me with each thrust, and I know that he’s about to fill my little hole up with all of his nice sticky cum.  With one last deep thrust he groans and I can feel his cum shooting deep inside me. The woman agent is cumming as well, moaning loudly as she squirts her pussy juice all over Lexi’s pretty face.  

As the TSA agent pulls his cock out of me, Lexi crawls over. She knows her job well, and that it’s time to be fed. Lexi reaches into my purse and pulls out a tiny wooden ice cream spoon, and starts dipping the cum out of my pussy.  

She makes sure and eats up every single drop. 

The TSA agents let us go, and we get on the flight with no issues.  I’ll make sure Lexi wears her cock cage when we come home too! This was way too much fun. 

I hope you enjoyed my sissy’s humiliation! Make sure you check out part 1 if you missed it!

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