My Sissy’s Humiliation with TSA Part 1

My precious little sissy, Lexi, and I decided to go on a vacation. This princess needed some beach time. I also needed my sissy to make sure that I was well taken care of, so of course I brought her with me! We were going to have fun in the sun, and maybe I could find some big stud to play with. My little sissy is caged but is very good at cleaning things up.  Read along to discover my sissy’s humiliation. 

I always make my sissy get dressed in front of me, so I can make sure she’s wearing all of the things I like.  After her bath, so she smells sweet, she stands in front of me naked. I take pretty little clitty and put it in her metal cock cage. As always she thanks me with a sweet “thank you, Goddess” and waits for the next instruction. I have her slide on her silky stockings, purple lace panties, and a matching bralette. (Purple is my favorite color by the way). Then she slides a little black dress on over that. She puts on those black patent leather “fuck me” heels and we are ready to go! 

We get to the airport and are waiting in line at the security checkpoint. I look over at my sissy and notice that she’s shifting around and seems very nervous.  I smile to myself, knowing exactly what has dawned on her. That cage. It’s metal.

She just realized what was about to happen.  

Lexi leans over and whispers “Goddess, I think you forgot…” I smile at her and just step forward in line. 

The line moves quickly and before we know it, I’m next to walk through the security metal detector. I walk through as the machine scans my hot little body and the TSA agent waves me forward.  I notice how hot he is, and smile to myself thinking of what’s to come. 

Now it’s Lexi’s turn. 

She looks at me and mouths the words “Please, Goddess.” I look at her sternly and snap my fingers at her and say “COME.” Just like I would to a little puppy. She bows her head and slowly walks through the metal detector.

The machine starts beeping and flashing red before she’s even fully under it. The hot TSA Agent walks says please step over here.  Lexi is looking at me with pleading eyes but goes with the handsome agent like a good little sissy.  

He runs the hand-held metal detector up and down Lexi’s body, and as soon as he gets to her crotch the detector starts beeping.  He looks at Lexi and asks her if she has any metal on her body.  Keeping her eyes on the ground, she slowly nods. The agent motions for another agent to come over. She’s got a smoking hot body and is just the kind of woman who makes little sissy Lexi nervous.  

She takes her own metal detector and runs it over Lexi’s body as well with the same result. The male agent whispers something to her, and they get on each side of Lexi and take her by each arm.  I start to follow them smiling all the way.  

Make sure and come back on Wednesday for part 2 of My Sissy’s Humiliation! If you can’t wait until then, you can purchase my audio right here!

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