My Sexy Shower Ritual-Goddess Carol-Anne Starts the Day-Part 2

By this time in my sexy shower ritual, I have to get the soap off with a shower wand. After thoroughly rinsing all the soap and full of anticipation. This is what I have been working up to, I finally get my dildo down from its perch.

This part of my habit of just holding my toy in my hands makes my pussy start to twinge. Squeezing, and hungry for another orgasm. It is heavy and firm. There is a taper to it, it is ten inches long and at its widest point a girth of six inches.

At this point, I always find myself biting at my pouty lips, I am panting with expectation. I will sit on the bench all squeaky clean but my pussy’s slick from more than the water.  Applying the lubricant to my already waiting and slippery lips and clit, I began to work the enormous dildo into my cunt. 

It is big fat and purple dildo

Even with all of the lubrication, it is a tight fit. However between my desire and the hot water and the lube I begin, forcing it in. pulling it out some to catch my breath, allowing my greedy hole a moment to relax. Then a little deeper, a little wider I arch my back feeling it in the first few inches of my cunt. Stretching the lips, pushing on my clit….gasping for air I push and I feel my pussy open wider and I take it deeper. 

Panting, moaning, my pussy is trying to push out this huge toy. Stubbornly I hold it there feeling my pussy throb.  Oh my, I am only a few more inches in, not even to the thickest part. I pull it out again, add spit to the mix and slide it in even harder, pushing deeper into my cunt. Now I am moaning so loud I know my neighbors can hear me. Feeling the thickest part expands my lips as far as I think they will go. Oh, Fuck me I have it all in me.

The best part of the shower ritual!

Oh my god! With it all the way in. My whole body starts shaking and my pussy is squirting all over this huge dildo. Now with this massive toy in my greedy cunt I add the most intense part. The shower massager wand.  It intensifies my orgasms, as the waves of intense sexual pleasure keep coming and coming.  I can’t stop. I squirt all over. And again….

The orgasms are so hard my cunt pushes out this massive toy and I almost blackout in the shower but the rituals will continue. It has not happened yet. But, I will not be surprised when it does.

With shaking legs but satisfied, at least for the moment. I put away my sex toys and step out into the steamy bathroom and dry off. Now that I’m not a dirty girl anymore. Well at least my body is clean, my mind is a whole different thing. I might make it past noon before I have to cum again. Are you going to be the lucky one to help me?

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