A filthy secret admirer posts his fantasies about me… and I got to read them!

He knew he wasn’t as attractive as most men in the office but that hadn’t done a damn thing to cool his libido when she was right there in his face every. Single. Day. And it wasn’t just her pale skin, seductive lips, or big tits that he had to contend with.

Everywhere she went, she left a wake of floral fragrance that lingered for hours. It haunted his dreams. Some days he was lucky enough to work with her. She was such a kind and sweet seeming girl that he’d find an excuse to hug her at some point.

Those nights were the best. He’d get his hug, take his jacket off and store it until he was alone. Then he’d hold it up to his nose, inhaling deeply as he stroked himself into oblivion. It was never enough though.

He’d wake a half-hour later, covered in his own cum, frustrated. Recently he’d taken to writing fantasies about what he would do to her if he had the chance. At first, it had just been a way to get himself turned on so he could release the tension, but it didn’t stay that way for long.

As he wrote scene after graphic scene, he found himself more obsessed with nowhere to turn. Surely someone else out there had to feel the same way. He scoured websites until his fingers were numb, looking for some story that resembled his.

If he was being honest, there were millions of sex stories that reflected his obsession, he just couldn’t see them past Athena. Every single one fell short. As he sat back in his computer chair thinking that over, he had an impulse come over him.

He needed to post his story so everyone could see how different his Athena was from the peasants that other men wrote about. If only he’d known she’d read it…

His Fantasy Goddess

Was it fate that I had chosen the very next night to have a little intimate one on one time with myself? Who knows. The only thing I cared about was sating my neediness. My pussy was dripping and clenching before I even had my browser pulled up. By the time I had all of my favorite tabs open I was too horny to do anything but read.

As my right hand circled my clit, I used my other to scroll down through all of the amateur authors until a title caught my eyes. “Athena Brought To Her Knees”

To me, seeing my name is like an aphrodisiac. Who doesn’t like a personalized sex story, right? But this one was different. It was too personalized. My hand stilled as I read about the temporary Henna tattoo on it and I looked down at the faded lines. After a few seconds of freaking out, I kept reading.

It was time to figure out who my secret admirer was. My brain instantly went into snoop mode, but it wasn’t necessary. The little pervert had signed his actual name to it.

My immediate reaction was to laugh. I’d never even thought of him like that. Now that I knew that he was lusting after me, though, I was going to make him tremble. Instead of getting myself off, I went to bed. I wanted to be so horny that he could smell my wet panties in the morning. Let the games begin!

To Be Continued…


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