My Revenge-NAD-A-001-2-27-23 PART 3

I never thought I’d be seeing this bed again. My faint hands traced around Sara’s feeble frame. I noticed the fear erupting through her entire body as the dark lord and I stood ominously over her naked, rope-bound, body. “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMP—”Sara’s attempt at prayer was silenced by Satan’s huge monster cock. As a result, we laughed as sara gagged on his enormous package .

“nice try, now shut up and suck it, whore”. Instantly,” I grabbed her head and held it taut for his dark beastly, girth to enter.

I cackled as she gasped and wiggled; desperately trying to break free from my vengeful hold. It is no use, her pathetic attempts at self-defense were quite humorous as she was now completely at our mercy. Her arms and legs squirmed desperately against the bed. Alas, she was only wasting her energy.

Her weak attempts at freedom were no match for the devil’s wicked, magic ropes. He pumped vigorously in and out of her mouth. Resultingly, causing that bitch to choke, gag, and scream. As a result, the devil and I laughed as we continued to torcher her with his demon cock, “How does it feel to be at Satan’s mercy, you fucking whore?”

He pulled out for a brief moment. Teasing her with the idea of freedom. 

“YOU WILL NEV–”Instantly, he shut her up once more with his big fat cock. All 13 inches of him, throbbing and pulsing into her mouth and all the way down her throat. “You know Satan? Sara Blackwood sounds a lot better gagging on your cock”. We both nodded in agreement as I trapped Sara Blackwood in my orb of magic.

As a result, she was now completely unable to move.

“Mm mm satan daddy, watching you punish my enemy is making me so horny. Let’s have some fun together while you continue to pummel Sara’s mouth”. An evil grin of delight instantly spread across the dark lord’s face. I could tell he was really enjoying punishing our little fuck toy, Sara Blackwood.

Our victim’s muffled screams were accompanied by her eyes, widening in terror. As a result, this made me feel even more lively. I was further inspired by this rush of adrenaline that my evil sexual act induced. Conclusively , I wanted more.

“Bend her over the bed and continue face fucking her like the whore that she is. I have something up my sleeve”. Immediately, satan did as I commanded. Oh yes, you heard me. I, Nadia Luna, command Satan himself to do my bidding. Are you scared yet? Hehehe. “Oh one moment Satan, darling. I want to have a brief word with our victim” he took his sweet time pulling out his thick rod from Sara’s paralyzed mouth.

She gasped for air as I grabbed her face with my hand.

“Remember how you watched me getting burned?, prepare to feel how the tables have turned” and with that, I spit in her mouth “ now suck it bitch” without hesitation, Satan rammed his devilish cock down her throat. She helplessly moaned and screamed. But of course, she had no other option but to take it.

Watching satan laugh as he defiled those same lips that directed me to my death sentence made me quiver in ecstatic pleasure.

All of a sudden, I had an idea. “Satan, summon some of our friends from down under. It’s time to party”. With a snap of his fingers, satan summoned not 1 not 2 but 6 snarling gargoyle demons. All accompanied by their long, hard pricks. Ready to destroy Sara Blackwood’s Ass and Pussy.


As for me? I have some other “friends” I must summon. Think you can handle hearing me read my revenge story? click here if you dare;). Look out for part four to see how this Satanic Orgy climaxes. in the mean time, click here for a similar treat.

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