My Revenge-NAD-A-001-2-27-23 PART 4

Welcome back to the ongoing Saga of my revenge. If you missed part 3 click here.

They say to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Well, hehehe thus far, you’ve had a taste of how I apply this philosophy to my lifestyle. You see, when I serve vengeance I make sure that whoever fucked with me in the first place gets every single drop of energy they’ve attempted to defile me with. You can say that I take “return to sender” to a whole other level. Sara M Blackwood gets everything times a million returned to her. Wanna find out what becomes of her? Keep on reading, and you will discover her ultimate destiny.

I watched as tears of fear streamed down Sara Blackwood’s face. That same face that once spat in mine, was now looking up at me in sheer and utter trepidation.

Those same lips that once prayed to God for my demise, were now gargling the balls of Satan himself. Hehehe oh what a masterpiece karma truly is. Moreover, how amazing it feels to embrace my evilness. Of course, for all the right reasons.


The Demons snarled and grappled as they proceeded to enter their victim. Sara Blackwood was surely a tasty treat to satisfy their wicked appetite.

2 were clawing and smacking her tits like dough. Meanwhile, the other 4 were alternating between her cunt and ass. Ensuring to claw up that skin of hers while satan pumped his junk without a pause.“ Great job boys! Continue what you’re doing. I will be right back”. I left them all in their sinful orgy torture chamber. As I lurked off to seek my next victims to throw in the mix.

I crept into Sara’s daughter’s bedroom, knocking over the oil lamp intently. Immediately, the girls shot up in their beds.

Their awakened eyes were met with my ominous shadow, looming over them. They screamed as I grabbed them by their braids and dragged them back with me.

“ This is what happens when you snitch on the witch ah haha haha”. Margaret, the youngest who had initially caught me casting sex magic spells with Satan, yelled and cried for her mommy. meanwhile, Annabeth tried to fight me. So I silenced her with my whip. It’s no use.

Your mother won’t be any help to you. I announced while I threw them into the room, exposing their innocence to the very work of the devil and his lot.

Their mother began to lose consciousness, so I worked my magic to ensure she was consciously witnessing the unspeakable terror-ridden across her daughter’s face. “Demons! Do with them what you will! Make them your little sex slaves!”

Immediately, the girls were shackled to the bed. Whips and chains accompanied their shivered bodies and tortured cries.

Meanwhile, mounds and mounds of demon juice and blood showered all around their virgin asses and little cunts. The fire from the fallen lamp eventually found its way to its rightful owner. I looked straight into Sara’s eyes as the flames danced around her and families sex -enslaved bodies. The demons laughed ferociously as I watched them all disappear into the fiery flames of hell where they all belonged.

Sara M Blackwood did not only get a taste of her own medicine, I shoved that whole bottle down that bitches throat!

However, one question still stands… where the eff is Mr. Blackwood?? Check back for part 5 and we will search for him together. In the meantime, here’s a treat for you.

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