My Pretty Sissy Boy – Part 2

Running my hands soothingly up and down his arms and massaging his shoulders in readiness for the tension which was about to flare, I said: “Alexis, before I get you dressed in your beautiful girl clothes, there is just one thing that you have to do. Let me remove ALL of your body hair. It has to go.”

Alexis tried to shoot out of his chair, wailing, “No . . . !!!” but I pushed him firmly back down. “Don’t worry, darling, the results will be worth it, I promise. I think you’re going to really enjoy this bit, actually.”

So, compliantly, reluctantly – sulking a bit – Alexis followed me to the bathroom and, stripping off his silky, hot pink satin panties, he stood in the bath ready for me and my big pot of cream.

First I did his arms – one at a time. I slathered each arm in the hair removing cream before swiftly removing it. I did the same to his chest, torso and then to his legs – just stopping short of the very tops of his thighs. He had a little light hair on his pert, firm, muscular ass so I removed that too.

Now it came to his most sensitive areas. I had to be very careful here or risk losing my sissy forever. I stroked the cream around his cock, ass and balls. Timing the cream to the absolute second, I quickly removed every speck of it.

I had clearly made a success of this as his cock was stiff when I turned him around.

“You’re beautiful”, I said, as I gazed at my flawless, hairless creation. Rinsing him all over to remove the scent of the cream, I dried him off and then, grasping his cock gently but firmly in my hand, I led him back to my bedroom. Before I dressed him it was time to reward him.

I allowed Alexis a few seconds to preen with his hairless body and exquisitely painted face in front of my full-length mirror. “Right, darling – before I get you dressed, we need to get rid of that hard-on.” I pulled a chair towards the mirror. “Sit down, stroke yourself, look at yourself – stroke that smooth, sissy cock and caress those smooth, sissy balls. Look at me. I’m your mistress – I created you and I’m training you to be the perfect girl for me. I will look after you – always – but you will do exactly as I say.”

As Alexis pumped his cock, I could see all the precum shining on the tip just like his glossy lips. I knew that the time would come quite soon when he would crave the combination of both cum and his own lipgloss. Cum splattering and messing up his beautiful face, only to be licked up and swallowed greedily.

It didn’t take long. Alexis shot a load of hot cum all over his gleaming, hairless body, taking care to cover the head of his cock with his hands so he didn’t mess up his beautifully painted face. Good boy – he was learning – it was the beginning of the evening, not the end.

“Now lick it up,” I said. Alexis did as he was told. I handed him the tube of lipgloss so he could repair his pouty lips. “I’m going to get you dressed – we have people to meet.”


To Be Continued.

If you would love to hear me read the whole story, my audio is available from the Temple store.

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Love, Georgina


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