My Pretty Sissy Boy – Part 4

We arrived at the club. It was a fetish club for members only which I had recently started going to. I loved it. I knew a lot of people there and I had invited several of them to meet Alexis. As we walked in, almost every head swung around to look at me and my gorgeous sissy. Some people knew who he was but a lot of people didn’t. They probably thought we were just a pair of sexy girls.

At this point, I attached a diamanté collar around Alexis’ neck to make things clear.

“Just think of it as a pretty necklace, darling”, I said, “But you also have to wear this.”

I attached a fine, black leather leash. Alexis obeyed, wide-eyed with excitement and a little fear as he followed me through the club, with his leash casually wrapped around my wrist.

I walked slowly so everyone could see him.

As I paraded my sissy people gazed in admiration at him and occasionally applauded. I passed through the larger, more public areas and took Alexis down some little winding corridors to a small, red-lit room at the back.

Catching the eye of my friend Marcus, who knew to expect us, I sat down on a red velvet banquette and pulled Alexis’ leash so that he sat down with me. Marcus sat down on the other side of Alexis and he watched as I pulled my stepbrother into a deep, passionate kiss and undid his leash. My sissy was free to play.

Marcus was a tall, well-built black guy, very handsome and with a gorgeously muscled body that was just built to fuck. He was bare-chested and wearing nothing but a pair of black cowboy boots and a very tight pair of black jeans. He had a predilection for sissies and they became weak with pleasure around him.

I watched as Marcus gave our sissy a brief kiss of appreciation with his juicy lips and then snapped his fingers and pointed at the front of his jeans to indicate that Alexis should get on his knees. Alexis looked at me to check that this was OK and I nodded and smiled at him. My sissy flashed me a brief, sparkling grin of excitement and then fixed all his attention on Marcus. He knelt in front of him in those pretty, sissy clothes and took that luscious black cock in his slender white hands, licking and sucking it greedily as he pushed it all the way down his throat.

I was amazed at how well my sissy could deepthroat.

He started to go faster and harder as Marcus groaned with pleasure and my sissy gagged as those big hands pushed him onto that fat, black shaft. Mascara was starting to stream down Alexis’ beautiful face. Marcus took out his cock and started to slap those sissy cheeks with it to show how big and thick and hard it was. Alexis grabbed it with his hand as soon as it was near his lips again and started to devour that big, black cock like he was starving for it. Marcus laughed at our greedy sissy and fucked his face hard.

People were gathering to watch and I knew some of them wanted to join in, but my sissy getting his face fucked for the first time was a special moment. I shook my head when anyone else approached.

Alexis slid his hand into his black silk sissy panties and stroked his sissy cock frantically as he took that big, thick cock down his throat hands-free. My sissy was now a mess with his pink strapless dress up around his waist and falling at the front so you could see that black silk strapless bra. His face was ruined and his stockings had split at the knee. But I found him beautiful in a different way.

Marcus started to fuck his face even harder.

My sissy split his focus for a second to glance up at me. Then his eyes snapped shut as, with a final groan of pleasure, Marcus started to pump that hot load down Alexis’ throat. My sissy gagged and swallowed greedily – not recoiling as a lesser sissy might – and took it all. As Marcus withdrew, there was still cum oozing from the head of his cock and Alexis licked up every drop from that thick, black shaft and then softly sucked the last bit from that juicy, purple head.

Gazing up at me and thanking Marcus prettily, my sissy stood up unsteadily and collapsed next to me as we both laughed with delight. With a big grin of appreciation, Marcus disappeared; leaving Alexis and me alone together.

I was keenly aware of my stepbrother’s raging hard-on sticking out of his black panties. To his absolute shock and delight, I lifted my skirt. His cock slid straight into my pussy as I started to ride him. It was hard, hot, frantic, and literally lasted seconds before his cock throbbed inside me and shot a big load as I held him close to me.

Laughing and kissing him, I slipped off him and sprawled on the banquette next to him with our arms lazily wrapped around each other as I reattached his leash. A brief rest, then I would redo my sissy’s cum-smeared, ravaged face before I let him off his leash again for more adventures.

I knew he was ready for them now.

I hope you enjoyed Part 4.

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If you would love to hear me read the whole story, my audio is available from the Temple store.

Love, Georgina.


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