My Pretty Sissy Boy – Part 3

Alexis opened the doors to my closet and gazed at all my beautiful dresses inside as if they were Ali Baba’s treasure.

“Can I wear anything I want?” he said.

“Yes, darling – anything you like that will fit.”

I¬†knew that quite a lot of my clothes wouldn’t fit him as I had a much more slender frame than he did. So he needed to choose dresses that would skim his body rather than be too form-fitting.

To help him, I chose an armful of the ones which could work and arranged them on the bed. His hungry eyes assessed them rapidly and then the clever boy selected a short hot pink strapless one which would kiss his body in all the right places rather than cling to it. It was a chiffon shift that hung straight down and swung beautifully as you twirled in it. It would conceal that telltale bulge in the front of his panties. Until he got hard anyway.

I then invited him to look through my lingerie drawers and he rifled through eagerly, but with respect, as he selected a few beautiful things which caught his eye. Asking my opinion, we settled on a black silk-satin strapless bra with a matching thong.

Stockings were next.

Of course, my little sissy tart selected the sheerest, silky 10 denier ones. Which I approved of since they were exactly the ones that I would have chosen. Although I knew they’d be ripped to shreds later.

Alexis already had the perfect pair of shoes to go with this outfit, of course – his slut-elegant black stilettos. He told me that he’d been practicing with these in private for quite a long time. I asked him to show me his walk and sure enough, my perfect sissy boy had a sexy sway to his walk which would do credit to any woman.

I touched up his lips, using plenty of hot pink lipgloss. A little more eyeshadow, a few smears of highlighter here and there, and he was done! As he preened in front of the mirror, I smoothed out his shoulder-length hair with my heated brush to make it extra shiny and bouncy.

Finally, I dressed myself by slipping into a short black number with a sky-high pair of heels which made me almost as tall as Alexis. I touched up my face and brushed out my hair and we were ready! We looked like sisters. My sissy was utterly convincing. I sprayed us both with my Coco Chanel and then we tottered excitedly down the stairs in our high heels and out into the street to hail a cab.

Alexis got into the cab just like a sexy girl.

He kept his poise as he sat down in his short dress with his legs together and crossed his legs so you could see the full length of those elegant thighs. I could see the cab driver eyeing him through the rearview mirror with approval. I had already told Alexis to resist chatting – and flirting! – with the cabbie. So he batted his eyelashes coyly and smiled prettily as I did all the talking. It was extremely important that we get to our destination. A lot of people were waiting to meet him.

Alexis didn’t know quite what was in store for him as I didn’t want to freak him out. But Alexis was wild and sexual by nature, just as I was, so I knew he’d figure things out.


I hope you enjoyed Part 3.

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If you would love to hear me tell the whole story, my audio is available from the Temple store.

Love, Georgina


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