My Naughty Secret

My Naughty Secret. I closed my eyes, feeling my orgasm build. The finger in my pussy had warmed, so I replaced it with another one, still cold from the night air. My hips jerked and I cried out as I came from the sensation of my icy finger fucking my hot pussy. My fingers were drenched from my juices, so I brought them up to my mouth, licking the hot cum from my cold fingers.

A familiar scent 

Suddenly, I felt fabric covering my face. I gasped, terrified when I realized I wasn’t alone. I brought my hands up to tear the covering from my eyes, only to roughly grab them and pull them above my head. I could feel a man positioning himself between my wide-open legs. An incredibly strong arm held me still to give him a chance to thrust his hard cock deep inside my dripping cunt. I inhaled a strong scent of cologne, that seemed very similar after that he whispered in my ear and I realized it was Bob . Bob’s lips came down on mine.

Then I was aroused

I kissed him back, pulling to release my arms so I could remove my blind- fold and pull him close. But he held on even stronger, making me moan as he deepened his kiss. I tried to move my hips in time with his pounding cock, but he held me in place and kept drilling me .I exploded, Bob’s mouth muffling my cries, as I spasmed around his hard cock. He fucked me harder, relentlessly trying to get in deeper, almost like he was trying to become a part of me. He took his mouth from mine and started sucking on my tits.

The greatest feeling 

He pushed in deep and groaned loudly against my neck as he emptied his seed inside me… pumping into me all the hot cum he had stored up over the past three weeks. He collapsed against me, barely remembering to hold his weight up so he didn’t crush me.

My arms finally free, my hand trembled as I pulled the covering from my eyes. I realized he had used his jacket to blindfold me. My arms tiredly held him to me as my exhausted legs just fell open, allowing his softening cock to leave my body. “Welcome home babe,” I murmured softly, running my fingers through his hair.

I reminisced the whole night 

He raised up on his elbows, covering my face with light kisses. “I have no clue why you are outside this late at
night, but you have no idea how glad I am that you were .” He chuckled rubbing his nose against mine.

I went in my room, dumped everything on my bed-room floor. Ten collapsed into my bed, falling asleep while thinking about the different positions that Bob had me in .

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