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My Monster Boyfriend – Part 2


Straightaway, he pushes me down until I feel cold concrete pressed against my bare skin. Instantly, I shiver. “Ah, that’s cold!” Fluffy fur envelops my skin. It’s so warm. It feels like I could fall asleep right then and there, but something hard presses against my inner thighs. Shockingly, it’s his penis. ‘I knew it! He does have a huge monster cock!’ I think to myself. 


“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.” He coos. He grabs my chin and pulls me in for a kiss. Of course, I can’t think. I’m in lust, immersed by it. He pulls away and begins to lick my neck. He is a beast. “Good girl. I’m going to breed you now.” He groans in my ear. The head of his cock is at my wet entrance. He slowly makes his way into my tight hole. Immediately, I drag my nails across his back and endure his exceptional size. 

“Good. It went all the way in. Now turn over.” He groans.


“Make sure you’re on your hands and knees for me. I need the perfect position to breed you in.” Again, I don’t think and do as he commands. His pheromones are powerful. Without delay, he grabs my arms, pulls them back, and keeps them held together. Quickly, he fully thrusts into me. Consequently, he starts drilling me, not allowing me any time to adjust. 


“Your pussy is so goddamn tight!” Accordingly, he growls.


Suddenly, I feel his fangs sinking into my shoulder as he pounds me. Notably, it hurts, but the pain disappears almost instantly. My pain is swapped with pleasure. I back my hips into him and tighten my walls around his girthy cock. He laughs, “Ha ha! I knew you’d be an excellent mate! You’re suitable to bear my pups!” 


“What?” I utter. Did he pretend to be in a rush earlier? Was it all a trick? Not that I care. Obviously, I don’t care. After all, I just want him to breed me. “I don’t care!” I moan. “Please breed me! I want to have your babies!” 


Quickly, he picks up the pace of his thrusts.


Thus, he reaches under and squeezes both of my breasts. “I bet so much milk will come out of these.” He comments. All of a sudden, his cock pulsates in my cunt. Obviously, I know what’s about to happen. He doesn’t say anything as he fills me with his hot seed. Straightaway, he grabs a fist full of my hair and slides his tongue into my mouth. Henceforth, he lets his cock rest inside of me for a few minutes. 


“Did you know you’re stuck with me forever now? I’m going to fuck you silly over and over again until I’m sure that you’re pregnant with my pups.” Finally, he collapses and wraps his muscular arms around me. Of course, I don’t say anything and let my head rest against his chest. Next, I smirk. ‘In fact, I’m looking forward to it.’ I think to myself. All in all, I’m satisfied. 


Well, that’s the end of my story! If you loved this blog, then check out part 2 of Emily’s zombie blog!

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