My Lucky Landlord-The time I fucked him and his wife! Part Two

My Lucky landlord’s hands were rough and strong, and I felt myself getting a little turned on. His wife Amy began unbuttoning her white silk shirt, her tan skin and bare stomach peeking through. John leaned in and kissed me, roughly pushing my legs apart and ordering his wife to kneel down in front of me. 

Amy removed my workout shorts and teased my clit with her index finger. I shivered and laid back on the bed, undoing my bra and letting my tits bounce out. John grabbed my nipples between two of his fingers as Amy put her mouth on my already dripping wet pussy, moving her tongue in agonizingly slow circles over my clit. I arched my back in pleasure and begged her to go faster, while also moving my hand towards John’s crotch. He was rock hard. 

John stood up and unbuckled his jeans. Amy stripped, jumped up on the bed, and sat on my face. I ran my tongue over her tits and down to her pussy and pushed two fingers in and out of her swollen pussy as her legs shook. John positioned himself between my legs and started pumping in and out of me slowly. He was huge, and I moaned loudly as I tried to take as much of him as possible. 

“She can take it, John.” Amy giggled breathlessly as she rolled her hips in circles over my mouth. “Fuck her harder.” 

John found his rhythm and fucked me so hard I came on his dick within minutes.

I had an intense, mind-blowing orgasm and screamed his name in pleasure as he squeezed my nipples and buried his cock deep inside of me. He pulled out and let his wife get on top of me. She kissed me everywhere, and we grinded our pussies against each other, beckoning John onto the bed with us. This was even better than my workout!

Amy took John’s dick in her mouth as I lightly licked his balls. Our tongues met at the base, and we shared another in a deep kiss, touching each other everywhere as John watched. I played with her huge tits, eventually cupping them in both hands and placing John’s dick between them. She used them to stroke his cock, and I opened my mouth, ready to swallow his entire load. 

He held my hair with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other, holding me in place as he roughly jerked himself off into my mouth.

I played with Amy’s clit again as he exploded all over my face. He slapped each side of my face playfully and laughed as I licked up the cum around my mouth. He flipped me over to face Amy’s pussy, and he slapped my bare ass as I ate her out until she came, screaming my name over and over again. 

I fell back down on the bed to catch my breath, and Amy gave me one final kiss, running her fingers lightly over my sensitive pussy as I twitched. My lucky landlord pulled his jeans back on and told me to forget about the rent this month. “Please just let us know what you want to do about next month.” He said and winked before closing the door!

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