My Lucky Landlord-The time I fucked him and his wife! Part One

I pulled my phone from the waistband of my tight work out shorts and switched off my music as I turned onto my street. Slowing down to a walk, I pulled my long brown hair out of its high ponytail, so it tumbled over my shoulders and tits, lifting my head to take in the evening sun. 

The last few months in lock down had been pretty rough. With my work hours cut practically in half, and most of the bars closed, I really had nothing to look forward to except my evening workout. 

Just as I was approaching my apartment building, I heard a car door close on the other side of the street. 

“Hey, Jessica!” a husky, familiar voice called out. I felt a pit in my stomach. “I’m just here to collect rent.”  

“Hey, John.” I smiled weakly. I tried to explain my situation as best I could. I had 50% of my rent, but with the lack of hours at work, I just wasn’t able to make the full amount. 

John listened for a few minutes with a stern face but quickly cut me off. “I know times are tough, Jessica, but rent has to be covered. If you can’t pay the rent, you can’t stay in the apartment!”  

“Oh please, John!” I begged. “There has to be something you can do to help me out here… please!” 

He hesitated and took a deep breath. I put my hands on my head as I sighed in distress, and I swear I saw his eyes flash down to my tits, which were sitting tightly in my red sports bra.

“My wife is in the car.” He said. “Let me talk to her real quick. You go upstairs.” 

I headed up to my place, leaving the door open behind me. I threw myself onto my bed and buried my head in my pillow, wondering how on earth I was going to get myself out of this mess. 

“This is my wife, Amy.” John said from my bedroom door. I jumped up, startled by the presence of the two of them in my room. I hadn’t even heard them come in and I was still all sweaty from my workout!

“Sit down,” John said sweetly, guiding me back to bed and sitting next to me. “Listen, we were wondering if you wanted to do us a favor instead of paying rent this month. Just a little something that would stay between us.” He placed a hand on my upper thigh, and I inhaled sharply. His fingers felt so good on my bare skin, and he traced the tip of one finger up my thigh and towards my pussy.

Amy closed the bedroom door behind her and stepped towards us, smiling. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. My lucky landlord moved his hand up and across my tits, squeezing them through my sports bra. “Look at her, she likes it,” Amy said to John, my lucky landlord! They both laughed. I blushed and squeezed my legs together, trying to make sense of what was happening… 

Stay tuned for part two coming soon! Can’t wait? Check out my Audio Blog

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