Pretty Little French Manicured Toes

Just leaving the salon I had gotten a pedicure. I picked a lovely french manicure with a cute little purple flower on the big toes. I am also wearing these very cute strappy black stilettos that show off my all ten of my little piggies. So as I am headed home I had one thing in mind, finding some little toe slut to worship each one of my 10 digits. These perfect little size sixes deserve to be licked and sucked on. Pulling over in a parking lot so that I could snap a delicious photo of my feet and send them to one of my boy toys. My favorite little toe worshiper responded right away with “May I please suck them”. I responded with an on my way text and turned my car around. 

As soon as I walked into his house he dropped to his knees and started begging me to allow him to worship my toes. 

Licking from my ankles down the straps of my shoes while backing up to his couch so I could sit. He grabbed my leg and started sucking on my big toe. All while massaging my other ankle with his large strong hands. As a result, my tight little slit was dripping wet. He started nibbling on my 2nd toe getting them good and wet all while sliding his hands up my long legs. I leaned down and undid the clasp of my left shoe so that he could be a good little toe worshiper. 

Understanding exactly what I wanted he slipped off my shoe and started rubbing my foot from my toes to my ankle. He rubbed deep circles in the arch of my foot while I moaned in delight. Taking my stilettoed foot I found his throbbing hard cock and applied just the right amount of pressure. Moving my heel up and down his shaft pressing the heel of my shoe slightly into his ball sack. Obviously he was primed and ready to go as my toes looked and tasting amazing, but I was not quite ready for that. 

I wanted him to lick and suck each part of my foot before I gave him what he wanted.

“Now Now, you know the rules” I moaned. Taking my barefoot in his hands he licked from the baby toe down. With each nibble, I pressed a little harder into his growing man stick. The more excited he became the wetter he got each one of my toes. While his soft firm palm massaged my thighs, I could feel myself ready to cum. I grabbed his hands and brought them to my clit through my wet black lace thong. Putting all of my toes in his mouth at one time while rubbing circles on my clit his dick jumped in delight. I couldn’t contain myself any longer I squirted all down my leg. Watching him suck on my french manicure was driving me crazy. 

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