My Lesbian Encounter

My Lesbian Encounter. I sipped my coffee and she finished her omelet and sat across from me. “So what have you been up to the last few weeks?” She asked me very innocently. Her fake coy act cracked me up a little. I grinned at her and she winked. “Yes, I have an update on the whole threesome idea you gave me.”

I then proceeded to tell her what my experience had been like. She listened avidly. Her eyes stayed focused on me, barely blinking and I must say, it was intense. Jennifer’s eyes are light green and she can burn a hole with those eyes it seems like sometimes. I stumbled a few times while telling my story, not used to her intense scrutiny. When I finished she blinked and leaned back into her chair.

Afterwards she gave in 

She inhaled and dropped down out of her chair. “Let’s go into the living room, I want to be comfortable.” Then she strode into the living room with a determined stride. I stared at her back as she walked away. I wasn’t used to these sorts of commands from her. She was usually a little more suggestive instead of demanding. I guess she is feeling herself this morning or something.

I moved into the living room and joined Jennifer on the couch. She gave me a serious look and said “I knew you would like fucking two guys at once. You know how I know that Joyce?” I shook my head, unable to see where she was headed in this conversation. “It’s because you, sweetheart, are a whore. I always suspected but this confirms it. You’re a whore and a slut. You like two guys at the same time and I bet that now you will never be able to just fuck a guy without thinking about that threesome.”

Suddenly I was shocked but ready 

I just stared into her eyes. I was completely floored by her words. I wasn’t a damn whore! Was I? She smiled at me. Her smile was all teeth and it wasn’t a particularly nice smile. “Here I’ll prove it” Jennifer reached out and grabbed my face with both hands. She then jerked me forward roughly and kissed me, hard. I was shocked and a little scared. I didn’t react at first, unable to process what was happening. Then she nipped my lip with her teeth and things low in my belly responded. I leaned into the kiss and she snaked her tongue into my mouth, flicking it over my teeth as she did so.

Hot and bothered 

I tentatively stroked my tongue over hers. Jennifer slid one of her hands from my face and grabbed one of my breasts. I gasped when she pinched my nipple. She broke the kiss and grinned at me. “ I told you that you were a whore Harper . Look, all I did was kiss you and you got all hot and bothered.” I blushed and she cackled. I started to lean back but she grabbed my neck and kissed me again.

Her kisses were urgent and nearly bruising. I got lost in the way she tasted, her tongue flicked over mine and she teased my bottom lip with her teeth. I don’t know how long we kissed. Minutes, Hours? Who knows? All I know is eventually I was breathing hard and aching with each kiss. Jennifer’s hands had long since started roaming over me, cupping a breast, stroking my face, caressing my back.

Secondly , her fingers went further 

Now I felt her hand lay flat against my belly and slide down. I felt her fingers at my waistband, then as she dipped into my shorts, beneath my panties. I gasped as she cupped me, her fingers exploring the center of me. I was wet and very, very, horny. Jennifer sighed as she felt how wet I was. “I knew you were a little slut. I’ve known for a while but this confirms it for me. Your pussy is soaking wet.

You like me taking charge don’t you Joyce?” I nodded wordlessly. She kissed me again then again, her fingers stroking my pussy. It felt so damn good. I was willing to bet that she had fingered a woman before. She was a couple of knuckles deep and putting pressure on my g spot. I moaned, loudly. She pressed closer and slipped her fingers even deeper into my core.

The moans grew louder 

I squirmed and she grabbed my neck and tilted my head down so our eyes locked. I want you to cum for me. I want you to come on my fingers, baby!” Her intense green eyes locked onto my gaze, combined with her fingers in my cunt, threw me over the edge into orgasm. I shook in her grasp, my pussy clamping down hard around her fingers. I let out a gasp and then moaned loud.

She just continued to finger me, her hand never slowed at all, even with me squirming. As my orgasm subsided she withdrew her hand and pushed me back onto the couch. She then lifted my hips and removed my shorts and panties at the same time. Grasping my ankles, she looked down at my body beneath her. “I wanted to do this for a while now, you know. I am glad you finally figured out what a whore you are.”

Thirdly, the Clit Flicking 

She spread my legs and slid down so her face was inches from my pussy. She looked me in the eyes and then put her whole mouth over the top of my wet cunt. I jerked a little as her tongue went to work on my clit. She flicked my clit and then thrust her tongue deep into me. I was dripping already but her saliva just made me even wetter. She made me cum again a minute later, after slipping two fingers into my dripping beaver. 

My Lesbian Encounter

She released the kiss and I inhaled gratefully. She stood, her fingers dripping from my pussy. She looked down at me and smiled. “From now on, you’re my little slut, you hear me, Joyce. Mine, if you want to fuck somebody else, you ask me first. Do you understand?” I nodded and her face hardened. “Answer me bitch.” I coughed and clutched my throat. “ I understand.” She relaxed and crouched next to me. “We are going to have some good times baby, I promise. Now come here, you need a shower.”

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