Keeping up with a tight teen body like mine requires constant exercise and stretching. I like to keep myself in shape.  I don’t look this hot by sitting on my perfectly perky ass all day. But sometimes I get this overwhelming craving for dark chocolate. If you catch my drift. As the head captain for powder puff football, I have to look my best. Especially for my new hot black coach. He just transferred in last week and has all the girls on the team drooling over him already. His eyes are glued to me however. My hot black coach is so turned on by my athletic prowess and tight, lean body.

Coach knows how important it is for me to get in extra work out sessions. He lets me have full access to the football player’s weight room whenever I want. It is not only the best place for me to get nice and toned but there are so many hot fucking guys there! I can’t keep my eyes off of them. Most of the time I go to the gym in the skimpiest little outfits. I love having all eyes on me while I do my workouts. The attention encourages me to show off a little. After all, my hot, tight body is even hotter when it is drenched in sweat. 

My perky ass and rippling teen abs look 10 times hotter than any of their girlfriends on campus.

I can’t help feeling so fucking horny whenever I run around the track during football practice. Football practice is always held at the same time. And I can’t keep my eyes off those hot football players running around with their thick cocks swinging in their gym shorts. It is so hot! I get so tempted to finger myself whenever I workout with them. Apparently I’m not so good at keeping this to myself because my hot black coach could tell how horny I get when I watch his players run drills. His eyes always linger on me while I run the track. 

I bet he pictures how tight my little pink cunt is in his head. On the other hand, I have always wondered how big his thick black cock is. Sometimes I think of ways that I can seduce him. As you know, I love thick black dicks so much. And as the sexy team captain, I always take a ride on my new black thick cocks whenever I have a chance. I decided to get a late-night workout last night. Surprisingly, the weight room was completely empty except for our coach. I took the spot right next to him and did my squats while he stared at my tight, perky ass the whole time.

Are you horny for this fucking tight pussy? I have the tightest, wet pussy for your cock! Give me a call and I’ll have you dripping hot creamy cum! Give me a call and I’ll have you begging for more! Make sure to check out part 2 for the rest of the story! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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