My Good Little Sissy Girl Boyfriend Part 6

Gracie has been such a good little sissy girl! Now Gracie was bent over a bar stool, ass in the air getting fucked, sucking a cock. Now this had to be the wildest thing Gracie had ever done. There were still 3 other guys waiting to get at her. They all had rock hard cocks for Gracie. As the guy who was in her mouth slid out, the guy in her sissy hole came deep inside her. She felt the warm cum fill her up inside and she liked it. She had never felt so warm and full.

“How was that Gracie? Do you like being full of cum?”

She couldn’t even answer as the next guy laid her across the bar, ass in the air. He hopped up there and sat in front of her mouth. Her head started bobbing it up and down making her choke again and again. He looked like he just wanted to fuck her face. He kept pushing her further down his cock, choking her.

As she choked on his cock another guy came up behind her and spit on her asshole. He lubed his cock a little and shoved his huge dick in her tight little sissy hole. She loved it but she was just so full of cock she couldn’t tell anyone. Gracie started reaching for the cocks on either side of her and really started to get into it. She really loved being a sissy girl… and I knew she would as soon as she got a taste for those big black cocks.

A symphony of moans was coming from all of the guys around Gracie. They took turns switching positions a few times, but I wanted to watch Gracie take all of that black cock cum. I let them stretch out Gracie’s little sissy hole but then it was time for the grand finale.

“Guys line up you all have to give Gracie all that cum!”

The guy in Gracie’s mouth pulled out first and I heard

“What?” Gracie just looked up at the 5 giant cocks in front of her.

“Open up my good little sissy girl! Open up for all of that cum! I want you to eat all of it!”

She looked up at those big black cocks and then looked at me.

I knew Gracie would do anything I asked so she opened her mouth wide. The big black cocks were pulsing at this point ready to blow their load in Gracie’s mouth. I knew better though… those cocks were going to spray all over her face too.

“Here it comes Gracie!”

Cum started to spray everywhere. A lot landed in Gracie’s mouth, but she had cum all over her face too. I took my finger and swiped it through all the cum on her face.

“Swallow it Gracie!”

She gulped it down and I took my finger and wiped more cum off her face.

“Open your mouth and eat all of the cum off my finger!”

She licked it clean and now it was official. Gracie was a good little sissy girl.

“Let’s go home Gracie!”

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