My Good Little Sissy Girl Boyfriend Part 5

Gracie had no idea I was going to make her take a massive black cock in her virgin sissy hole, but that is exactly what a good sissy girl does. That massive black cock was dripping with all of Gracie’s spit. It was so wet so it could slide right into her little sissy hole. She looked terrified as I bent her over a barstool and made her spread her legs ever so slightly. Gracie was my boyfriend yesterday and now she was a good little sissy about to get fucked. That massive black cock was gliding up and down over her hole and she was so nervous of when he was going to pop the seal on her tight little sissy hole for the first time.

Gracie’s eyes were almost begging me to make him stop, but this is what a good sissy does.

That big black cock then pushed itself in that sissy hole, breaking the seal, Gracie yelped out like it hurt. That big black cock couldn’t care less taking that virgin sissy hole.

“It feels like my sissy hole is ripping apart!” She yelped out.

“Good Gracie… That means you are doing it right!”

Gracie kept watching me watch her get fucked… I was loving every second.

I knew it could be better though. As I gestured toward the back of the room all of Gracie and I’s friends split letting a group of big black men come forward. Gracie was to preoccupied to notice me letting 4 otherĀ  big black cocks out of their pants. They all stood there stroking their huge cocks behind Gracie. Then I grabbed one of them and guided him right to Gracie’s mouth. She looked all sloppy from the last blow job she had to preform, but he could care less. He grabbed the back of Gracie’s head and began shoving it down her throat. I watched her gag on that ginormous cock and told the other 3 to get in line. Then Gracie realized… I was going to make her take all the big black cocks I could find for her.

“Any one else want a turn with the perfect little sissy girl? Any takers?”

With all of our friends watching her get face fucked I could not see little Gracie blushing, but I knew she was. The big black cocks all wanted to have a turn with Gracie and I was going to give it to them.

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