My Good Little Sissy Girl Boyfriend Part 4

Gracie and I leave the mall. We show up to a little bar and club that we had been to 1000 times before my boyfriend became my good little sissy girl. Gracie’s eyes got big and I could see her blushing. I knew she had to be nervous as hell. She knew it was a Friday night and all of our friends were going to be there. Up until now, no one we knew had seen Gracie come out. She’s been in the house and she’s been at the mall. But never at a club. Full of our friends on a Friday night. She looked so nervous more nervous than I had ever seen her. I have no idea what she was feeling, but she had to be shitting her pants!

I grabbed her hand and guided her in, but as she walked in she saw all of our friends.

Every single guy and girl that we knew that was our age. They all just found out that Gracie was my boyfriend. I stripped Gracie’s dress off of her revealing that virginal white lingerie underneath. It was Gracie’s first time for real. I guided her right to her manly best friend, and he stepped aside. Out from behind him came the tallest, thickest black guy that he had ever seen. I told Gracie to get on her knees. She looked at me like I was crazy, so I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her straight to the ground.

“You’re gonna serve this big black cock Gracie.”

“What?” she said nervously.

“Take off his pants right now. I want that cock in your mouth.” She gave me a look and looked around the room at all of his friends.

“Don’t worry about them! The only thing you need to worry about is serving that big black cock in front of you!”

Gracie hesitantly unbuttoned his pants and that ginormous 14 inch big black cock came out into her face. She looked terrified.

“Open your mouth Gracie!” She slightly opened her mouth.

“What the fuck is that shit? OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” Gracie slowly opened her mouth. I just grabbed the back of her head and pushed that huge dick right down her throat. She immediately gagged on it when it hit the back of her throat but I continued to push harder making her drool all over that cock.

“You love that don’t you Gracie? All that big black cock down your throat?”

She tried to respond but I just kept gagging her with the dick. There was drool everywhere. I told her to start sucking those big black balls and she sucked so gently. Didn’t Gracie get it yet, she is my little sissy girl and she will do everything I want her to. She was going to suck those balls right.

“Suck his balls like you mean it you sissy bitch!” She sucked those balls better but I wanted way more from my sissy girl. I definitely wasn’t near done with her yet! We all looked at Gracie’s sloppy face and told her what I wanted most right then.

“I think its time Gracie, time for you to take that massive black cock in your little virgin sissy hole!”

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