My Good Little Sissy Girl Boyfriend Part 3

As Gracie and I walked out of the house I was so excited. I was really gonna turn my boyfriend into the perfect little sissy girl. As Gracie looked back at me I told her we had to go get some panties for that sissy girl ass.

“Lets go to Victoria’s Secret.”

Gracie’s eyes lit up as soon as I mentioned anywhere with panties… we all know how we got here, with me walking in on my boyfriend in my underwear and bra, but now look at him, he’s a little sissy girl in full on girl clothes going to the mall dressed like a girl.

She followed me like a puppy all the way through the mall from the parking garage to the furthest corner to the mecca of undies. Gracie looked it the window like a kid at a toy store, staring at the lingerie on the mannequins. Gracie followed me in.  I led her to the back and she was so exited, I had to get her in a dressing room so her little clitty didn’t show. I grabbed a girl and told her to bring the hottest numbers in my girl friend’s size and I think that made Gracie even more excited. as I sat in the room with her I told her to strip.

She looked at me like she shouldn’t but I told her to get fucking naked.

The girl came back and knocked. I quickly grabbed her picks and saw a few hot picks. “What set first Gracie?” She pointed to a hot pink 3 piece set. I spun her around and put the bra on her. Then I slid on the garter belt.

“Tuck your little clitty so we can see what it looks like on.” She stuffed it between her legs as she pulled it up and I loved the look very feminine but there was another one I was eyeballing that the girl brought for Gracie. It was all white with little crystals all over another 3 piece but this one had a bustier and I thought it was perfect for what I had planned. I turned her around slid the bra off and the bustier and garter. Then Gracie tucked her little clitty and turned around. Gracie looked magnificent. absolutely perfect for the rest of the evening I had planned. she just stared in the mirror looking at herself. She had a look like I had never seen so happy and content. i just looked at her and was happy with the outfit.

“Now you’re ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to be my party favor.”

“Your what?”

“My party favor, someone for everyone to play with. I planned a party for you, Gracie, to show everyone what she is, a good little sissy girl. You will do everything I say, right Gracie?”

“I will.”

“You’ll be a good little sissy girl?” I heard her gulp.

“Yes, I’ll be a good little sissy girl.”

“Yes, yes you will.”

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