My Good Little Sissy Girl Boyfriend Part 2

I left another huge welt on his sissy girl butt and he yelped out in pain. He looked back at me with a little fear in his eyes as I  explained wat was going to happen now that I knew he was a little sissy girl.

“You like wearing my panties?”

“I mean yes.” he said very shakily.

I walked over to his drawer where he kept his boxers and grabbed every pair, then to the hamper and did the same. Then we walked out to the grill in the back yard and put them all on top.

“What are you doing with my boxers?”

“You like wearing panties, right? Tell me the truth!”

“Yes, I do.”

I just grabbed the lighter fluid and doused the boxers and asked him again.

“You like wearing my pretty pink panties, don’t you?”

“Yes.” He sounded so defeated as I quickly grabbed the lighter and lit them all on fire.

As they burned he looked down at the pink panties cupping his less than manly balls. I think this is when he realized I had made a choice for him.

“From now on you are my little panty sissy girl. You will only wear panties, no boxers.”

“Really?” He looked at me a little shocked and terrified.

“You arent a big strong man anymore. You are a little sissy girl. Little sissy girls don’t need boxers, or other things for that matter. Stay right here, my little sissy girl.”

I walked upstairs and pulled all of his clothes out, every shirt and pair of pants he owned. I piled them all on the front lawn and he was still in the back yard. A guy with a truck drove by and I flagged him down. He happily took all of the clothes off my hands and as he drove away I took a little video and put a caption on it for the little sissy in the back yard. It read “Say goodbye to your manhood, you little sissy girl!” This morning i woke up with a boyfriend but tonight I have a good little sissy girl to play with!

As I went to the backyard and there he was, standing in the pink bra and panty set. I showed him the video and he ran inside and saw it wasn’t a joke. I really had gotten rid of any evidence a man had ever lived there.

“Do you get it now? You are a little sissy girl and there is nothing you can do about it!”

“I’m a m…..”

“If you say I’m a man one more time I’m going to spank you 20 times. Now what are you?” He just looked at me and gave in.

“I’m a sissy girl.”

“That’s right a good little sissy girl. You have to have a good little sissy name how about Gracie? I think it suits you well.” I took my little sissies hand and guided her to the closet and pulled down my Halloween wig and put it on her. As it fell the long blonde curls framed her face so well. Then I grabbed my makeup kit and sat her on the bed.

“You are such a pretty sissy!” I said as I put some lipstick on her and some eyeshadow. Then I finished off the look with some false eyelashes and she was so damn hot for a sissy. I knew she was really liking it when she asked if I was going to use the eyeliner on the bottom. She wanted it, just never knew how to ask. I watched my boyfriend blossom into a little sissy girl and Gracie was turning out to be fun! I knew we had to go do something fun so I disappeared back into the closet and came out with a dress for her to slide on then said, “Lets go shopping!” Her eyes lit up and she was so excited.

Can’t wait until next Monday to see where I take Gracie? You can purchase this audio here!

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