My Good Little Sissy Girl Boyfriend Part 1

When I walked in the house that evening, I had no idea that my amazing boyfriend would be my good little sissy girl by the end of the night. I put my keys down by the door and walked quietly up to the bedroom. It was so quiet maybe he was asleep but as I cracked the door, I saw him standing at the mirror looking at himself in my favorite bra and panty set. I was shocked. He was admiring himself in the lacey pink panties and and my $80 bra. I was so mad at first then I thought, this could be fun.

He was a sensitive guy, almost feminine and my friends gave me shit when they first met him. One of them called him a fruitcake. He wasn’t a total fruitcake and he was an amazing fuck. Looking at him standing there in pink lingerie they were a little bit right.

As I watched him admire himself I decided to make myself known. I open the door and hit it against the wall behind it. He quickly turned around and covered himself. He looked shocked and a little terrified.

“What are you doing?”


“I’m gonna ask you again, what are you doing?”

“I was just…”

“Just what? Wearing your girlfriend’s bra and panties?”

“Uhhhh… yes.”

“Really? You like wearing your girlfriend’s pretty pink lingerie? You like looking like a girl, don’t you?”

“No, I’m a man.”

“You don’t look like much of a man in my panties right now!

As a matter of fact you look like a little sissy bitch to me!”

“I do not! I’m a man!”

“Oh yeah?” I just bent him over a bit to the nightstand and smacked his ass. The smack rang through the house.

“Hey! You cant…”

“Can’t what… punish you for stealing my most expensive lingerie?” I just wound up and smacked him as hard as I could leaving a nice size welt on his ass. He looked super surprised I stood up to him and I knew the truth now… that he was a good little sissy bitch and now I knew his little secret, that behind closed doors he was a little sissy bitch.

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