My Birthday Present to him, My Ass!

I think this birthday present was a hit!  As he massaged my ass cheek I reached over and pulled his hand over to the deep cleavage of my ass cheeks.  Gently I pushed his fingers toward the tightly puckered skin of my ass whole and left him explore it. I thought he was going to loose it at this point as he drew in a shuddering breath.

He then pressed his face between my widespread thighs reaching my dripping wet twat with his tongue.  As his tongue dove inside my slit the aroma of my pussy passion reached his nostrils along with mine.  It was a heady sensation! He knew he had me close to a climax because I was wiggling above him and moaning very loudly.  At that point he increased the focus of his tongue on the tiny button of my clit.  My birthday present to him was benefiting my also!  This guy knew exactly where to lick me to make me cum.  Moaning and groaning soon the climax was upon me!  He lapped up all my hot pussy juices as soon as they escaped me.

Standing up I looked over at him and saw the biggest hard on I had ever seen!

Kneeling down I touched it, petted it and stroked it.  Soon I had it in my mouth and was sucking on it.   Soon I could tell he was ready for his birthday present.  Positioning myself on hands and knees on the sofa cushions.  I had my ass towards him and my knees were spread way apart.  Reaching behind myself I parted my ass cheeks with my hands opening myself wide.  As he gazed at the sight before him it made me so hot thinking about him looking at me.

He got on his knees behind me and got the head of his cock against the tight slit of my pussy.

“Here is your birthday present. Do it, Fuck me now!”  That was all the encouragement he needed slowly I felt the head of his cock pressing into my waiting twat.  In a moment his whole shaft slid in and he filled my pussy with his massive cock. Soon he started humping away stroking my pussy with the in and out of his cock.  I started to moan and purr out my pleasure.  After a few moments I reached down to find my clit and started to rub it gently and then slowly I increased the pressure and tempo.

He fucked me deeply as I diddled my clit above his rampaging rod.  Oh, this was a great birthday present!   This continued for a while and before I knew it we were both reaching the point of no return.  His strokes became more forceful and deeper and I rocked back to meet him stroke for stroke!  Suddenly he slammed into me with great force and then started to shudder.  At the exact same moment I felt a gushing sensation and my own shuddering began.  After what seemed to be forever we both collapsed!  The sweat just poured off of us and both of us were exhausted.

Lying together in a heap sweaty and sticky from our love making we napped for a while.

When we got up together we took a long steamy shower where things started up again.  This night was going to go on forever and I am loving every minute of it!  What a great idea this birthday present was!  This was the first of many more nights like this.

If you missed Part 1 of My Birthday Present story, then you should check it out.   Or if you want to hear it in my own words Check out my audio blog.

Hugs and Kisses



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