Stealing My Best Friend’s Virginity – PART 1

I’ve had plenty of sex since losing my virginity. The one thing I haven’t done since is taking somebody else’s virginity. It’s always been a fantasy of mine, to teach a boy what a pussy feels like. Finally, I got that opportunity. I was able to take my best friend’s virginity.

My best friend, Devin, was just freshly 18, and I was 20. I had lost my virginity at a young age, but he had taken his time to even have his first kiss. I had always teased him about it. He would rebuttal back, saying he just never got the chance. But I knew he was too nervous to make a move on that new girlfriend of his. 

One day, we were hanging out at my house, and the subject of his girlfriend came up. 

“So when are you gonna finally fuck her?” I said, knowing how to push his buttons. His face turned red.

“Look it’s not that simple,” he replied.

“And why’s that?” I giggled. 

“Honestly, Sophia, I’m scared I won’t be good. I don’t even know what to do.” My smile softened, recognizing his vulnerability. I looked up and down at him. He was a fit, handsome guy. I know any girl would love to sleep with him. 

“Maybe… you just need some practice? Before the big ‘first time’?” He laughed, but I remained serious. 

“No really. Just… sleep with someone else before and claim it’s your first time when you and your girlfriend do it.”

He rolled his eyes. “And where am I going to find this ‘trial girl’?”

I suddenly saw an opportunity.

Biting my lip, I stood, knowing I could solve both my fantasy and his problem. I was going to steal my best friend’s virginity. To his surprise, I straddled him on the couch. “Wha… what are you doing?” He stuttered. 

“Why don’t I show you a couple things?” I growled. “I have far more experience than you… and I know what girls like. Let me teach you how to fuck a woman.”

His hands were glued to his side, refusing to touch me. I grabbed his hand and held it for a moment until he relaxed. I then placed it on my waist, leaning down and whispering into his ear. “This will stay between us, I promise.” I nibbled his earlobe, causing him to moan lightly. “There we go… just let me take control.”

I began to grind against his lap, kissing up and down his neck.

His other hand found its way to my waist. He began to fidget with the hem of my shirt, pulling at it. I could tell he wanted it off. I paused and pulled it off, exposing my perfect little titties. He stared in awe. 

“Why don’t you suck on them? Girls like that.” He nodded and took my nipple into his mouth. I let out a moan, which seemed to encourage him. He sucked and nibbled at my nipples with increasing hunger at every moan that escaped my mouth. 

I suddenly stood. “Strip and lay down,” I commanded. He hesitated, looking me up and down. I pulled my shorts off, and once he laid eyes on my shaved pussy, he needed no further encouragement. He stood and stripped, revealing his hard 8 inch cock. I was taken aback by its size, but it only excited me more. I was about to steal my best friend’s virginity who had a huge cock to please me with.


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