My Best Friend

I was very excited to be marrying my best friend, the man of my dreams. I had fantasized how magical our marriage and sex life would be, when tragedy struck. After our wedding four months ago we planned a two-week honeymoon on an island, where we could celebrate our marriage and fuck each other senseless. But a few hours before our flight I fell sick and had to be rushed to hospital. My appendix had burst. The doctors said the condition was not life threatening and with surgery I should be back on my feet soon. A week later I was discharged but the incision on my stomach prevented us having sex for at least a month or two. I felt sorry for my husband because I knew how horny he could get. I would give him blowjobs, but that was not enough.

He was 26 years old and at his sexual peak.

Sex was all he could think about. I thought of getting him a prostitute, but that would be stooping too low. I wanted to get him a woman that my husband could fuck as I watched. There was no-one else I would allow my husband to fuck other than my best friend, Chrissy. She had seen me through thick and thin and had been my maid of honor. I trusted her completely. A week after I was discharged from the hospital she visited me at home in my bedroom.Chrissy sat next to the bed and we talked. I was not sure how she would react if I told her to fuck my husband. ‘Chrissy, I want to tell you something. You are the only one who can help,’ I said. She held both of my hands and looked me straight in the eye. ‘Anything for you,’ she replied with concern. You are my best friend.

I want you to fuck my husband.

She gave me a questioning look, so I explained everything and she agreed. I called my husband and told him to be home early as I had a surprise for him. At around six he knocked at the front door and I rushed to open it. ‘My love, I want to blindfold you because I have a surprise,’ I told him. He was a little reluctant as I removed his coat, shoes, socks and led him to our bedroom, where soft music was playing. ‘What is going on Carly? You know we can’t have sex just yet, I will hurt you,’ he said with concern. All I could do was giggle. At the bedroom door, I asked him to wait while I unwrapped his present.

I can’t believe this is about to happen.

Chrissy was on our bed wearing one of my silk negligees. Now take off your blindfold,’ I told my husband. When he could see her, I pointed at Chrissy and said erotically, ‘Here is your present. Now I want you to fuck her and fill her pussy with cum. My husband was a little taken aback. He never thought I would go this far. He approached Terry slowly. Her arms were open. They started kissing as I watched.

I wanted to join in.

This was my husband’s present and I wanted him to savor the moment. I had watched Chrissy fuck her boyfriend a couple of times and I knew my husband would be pleased. Seductively she removed the negligee to expose nothing but white panties. He began kissing her luscious lips, which were already wet. My best friend had begun undressing my husband and when she held his massive cock in her hand I felt a little jealous.

I couldn’t help it.

My husband knelt in front of her while Chrissy got on all fours and took my husband’s cock into her mouth. As my husband fucked her face, her breasts were moving up and down, making me to want to suck them. This was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed and it made my pussy tingle with excitement. Chrissy knew what she was doing and my husband was moaning with pleasure when she took his balls into her mouth.

Come back Wednesday to read part two of Chrissy fucking Carly’s hubby here! If you can’t wait til then or you want to hear me tell you the sexy story in my own voice, you can find the audio version here.

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