My BBC Fantasy Came Through

My BBC Fantasy Came Through. He accumulated the drop of precum on his finger and brought it near my lips. He gave me a sign to take my tongue out and I don’t know why I brought it out. He placed his finger on my tongue giving me a taste of his salty precum. He made me lick his finger. He slowly fucking my face and gradually increased the pace. He kept on pushing his cock further but I kept gagging.

Then we arrived At the Apartment 

I was being mouth fucked by this BBC for the first time and enjoying the taste of his cock. I was slurping down all the juices. After about 20 mins of sucking I was able to take down most of his cock without puking on it. He held my hand and walked out of the toilet, I kept following him. We reached an apartment building, and he took me to the 4th floor. It was his apartment. We went inside and it was empty.

Suddenly Foreplay began 

He started stripping down. First taking off his shirt then his pants. He was now completely naked standing in front of me. He came close to me and grabbed my blouse. He pulled it off and threw it in some corner. Then he touched my nipples and fondled my boobs with his rough hands. Then he turned me around and pulled down my shorts along with my panty. He squeezed my ass and gave me a soft spank.

The size was surprising 

He spread my ass and buried his face. He licked my pink virgin hole and I must say I had never felt this good in my life. He was pushing his tongue inside. He licked my hole for 10-15 mins. Now it was time for his cock. He got up on the bed. He placed his cock on my hole and gave a push. He was soon balls deep inside me and it felt like a bullet pierced through my hole to my stomach. He then started pounding me. I felt so good.

I removed his hand from my mouth and now he could hear me squirm with pleasure every time he thrust inside me. He pounded me for 10 more mins and then I felt something warm flowing in my hole. He filled my hole with his cum. His warm cum was rather soothing to my hole.

It was unexpected 

The guy was snoring by the time I was leaving. I barely walked out of the apartment building and reached my hotel. Went to my room and slept the whole day. The next day I finally managed to get my thoughts together, I ended up going to his place since I memorized his building. I knocked on his door but he wasn’t home I guess.

When I was going down the stairs I saw him coming up. He saw me and smiled, he knew I was back for more. After that, he fucked me the whole night and I enjoyed every bit of it. I loved his cock, I loved his cum and I loved the way he used me mercilessly. During the remaining 10 days of my vacation, I went to him 6 times and got fucked good. By the time I was back home, I had turned into a complete slut for BBC. I hooked up with a lot of guys after that and still do to this day.

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