My BBC Fantasy Came Through

My BBC Fantasy Came Through. I had my first time with a BBC.  I had a smooth hairless body. I mostly wore tight clothes that sowed my ass. I look shy on the outside but deep down I have devious thoughts I’d like to explore. During those days I didn’t know much about sex, I mean no one taught me this. I didn’t have access to porn at home due to parental controls. During those days I went to Ghana for a vacation.

Then, The vacation to remember 

The whole family just chose a random place and we ended up in Ghana for a month-long vacation. Now the first week was pretty normal just sightseeing and touring around the country. One night it was around 10 pm, and my parents were asleep, I couldn’t fall asleep so I went out for a walk. Now the hotel was in the middle of the city. Most people in that area spoke English but not all. I got thirsty and went to this shop to buy something to drink.

Tall dark and Handsome 

I was wearing tight shorts and they were exposing my ass a lot. I went to the counter to pay for my drink. This tall black guy came and stood next to me. He started talking to me and I couldn’t understand his language. He then touched my back and rubbed his hand down my ass. He grabbed my ass and was checking me out. The shopkeeper was grinning at what he said to me. I asked him to translate it. He told me that he wasn’t fluent in English.

Well, I went out and the guy followed me. He kept talking to me and I couldn’t understand a word. I did try to communicate with him but he wasn’t going away. I getting irritated so I walked towards a public toilet. I went inside and he seemed to back off. I went inside a stall to take a piss. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I finished my business and opened the door to find him standing there. He came inside and pushed me onto the toilet. I was totally amused and lost my voice.

Suddenly A bold move 

He put his hands on my shoulders, I could feel the weight. He was saying something I still couldn’t understand. He then came close to me and grabbed my hand. He was playing with my soft hands. He then put my hand on his crotch area. He was rubbing my hand on his crotch, I couldn’t understand what he was trying to do. He had his eyes closed and was enjoying my touch. He let go of my hand and then unbuttoned his pants. He pulled his pants down and his cock was right in front of me.

Of Course, He was prepared 

He didn’t wear any underwear. He had a huge black cock, he was about 8-9 inches big. It was my first time seeing a cock this big. I have seen cocks before in the gym showers but never this big. It was really big. He guided my hand into an up-and-down motion. He guided me for a couple of minutes but then I got the idea of what I needed to do. So, I don’t know why I was doing this, I guess I was curious. I jerked him off for 5 mins and his cock was leaking precum.

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