Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex With London – Get Off With Me

I love mutual masturbation. There’s nothing hotter than getting off with someone else. When you’re turned on by my voice or personality (or both) it makes me cum even harder. Knowing you want to hear me cum is so unbelievably erotic.

I want to lie back on my bed, spread my legs nice and wide, and play with my pussy lips while you tell me what you’re doing. Or, while I tell you how I want to play with you.

Tell me about your cock. I want to imagine it in my hand or mouth. Let me slide my fingers up and down your shaft while your hand slides between my legs.

You’ll find that my pussy is soaking wet because of how hard you are. Hell, I’m getting wet right now just thinking about it.

What? I’m a slut. This isn’t news.

But, I want both of us to get off together. I’d love to 69 with you. Taste my pussy juices while I wrap my lips around your cock. Oh, yes, thrust your hips into my mouth as I grind my pussy into your face. Will you make me cum all over you before I ride you?

I want to hear you cum. I need to hear the excitement in your voice. The way your breathing gets heavier the closer you get. I love the build-up.

Where you cum doesn’t matter. You can cum in my mouth, in my pussy or ass, on my tits, or on my face.

I want to play together. Let’s start with the foreplay and build up the anticipation. Be warned that I can get pretty loud so I hope you like it that way.

Just imagine me laying on my bed with my eyes closed.

My hand slides to one of my tits cupping it with my palm and pulling on my nipple with my fingers. The other hand travels down my belly to my thighs.

I slide my hand to my pussy lips and stroke them while I listen to the sound of your voice. As I get wetter, my middle finger moves to my clit. I move it in a clockwise direction around it. As my hood pulls back, I start to flick my now hard clit.

First comes the clitoral orgasm. When I cum, I arch my back and let my head fall backward. My tit pushing harder into my hand.

Once I’ve cum that way, I slide two fingers inside my swollen pussy lips. To get the best feeling, I curl my fingers and hit my G spot. I massage it then tense up my forearm so that I can vibrate my fingers onto it.

With that stimulation and the sound of your panting breath in my ear, I can cum again. But, if we really want to enjoy it, I can cum more than once or twice.

I want to fuck myself with my fingers for you.

Or, use a toy. I’ve got dildos and vibrators I can use while you stroke your cock for me.

So, tell me, how do you want to get off together?


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