The sun hadn’t fully risen when I woke, and the light trickling through the sheer curtains was gentle enough that I kept my eyes closed. The fact that I lay here with Tim on Easter, wanting wake up morning sex,  brought a smile to my lips. Our moments, from lusty and hot like last night to this sweetness in our sleep beside one another, never stopped enthralling me.

I stretched out my leg, careful not to shift too hard on the mattress surface, but Tim stirred behind me. His hand reached out to brush over my hip.


“Are you awake?” he whispered.

“Yes. Barely.”

“Mmm.” He uttered the noise before scooting against me, the width of his chest warm on my back and his legs folding up beneath my thighs. His rock hard cock against my back. Brushing aside my hair, he pressed soft kisses on my neck and shoulder. “Good morning.”

“Morning.”I looped my arm around my waist, grazing the fingers he’d laid on my hip before he slid them up over my arm, then under it to glide over ribs.

Do you find freedom when captured?

He had asked me this during our first wake up morning sex together, his fingers playing over my tattoo like they were now after we’d shared a wild night, where he’d invited me to explore this intense, delectably sexy world with him. It’d been easy to say yes, because how could one refuse the adventures it felt like I had been craving my entire life? Tim had drawn each and every one of my desires into the open and somehow inspired even more.

“Do you know what I dreamed of?” he asked.


“Last night. The way you looked over my knee.”

I rubbed my cheek against the pillow and opened my eyes toTim nestling closer. I hadn’t dreamed of it, but I thought about it now. I’d liked trying it, and knowing it excited him as much as it did had turned me on, too. The deliberate discipline still felt silly, but it was hard to miss how much we’d both enjoyed it. Spanking me, making my ass pink gave him great joy!


Tim arched up his hips, his erection rubbing against my ass.

“What’d you like most?” I asked.

Tim ran his hand down over my hip, caressing it while he spoke against my neck. “Most? Hard to say.” He curved his fingers around my hip bone like I loved, teasing me with the dig of his fingertips. “The fact that your ass was on display for me. The way you jumped around on my knee…and rubbed your clit on me.” I took a sharp inhalation, and he shifted his fingers forward, stroking the top of my mound with the faintest touch.

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