Mom’s New Boyfriend: The day I seduced and fucked him

These last few months were actually been a bit tough for me in many ways. Despite all my partying and Easy “As”  My roommate and I had been arguing a lot more.  My body felt stressed and tense a lot of the time. My parents had also just gone through a super messy divorce, and I found that my only form of escape from everything going on was the gym. I worked out six times a week  more and did yoga classes all the time to help tone my legs and abs. I couldn’t wait to get away from campus and spend the summer with my mom getting a tan.

What I didn’t know was that it wasn’t going to be just mom and I. The day I arrived home, she introduced me to Jason, her new boyfriend. He was in his early 40s, with brown hair and a little stubble, over six feet and muscular. He set up a home gym in the back yard… Did I mention mom moved him in without telling me?

I tried my very best to hate him at first.

I got sassy with him about everything, wouldn’t work out with him, and I’d just ignore him anytime he spoke. Of course, I couldn’t lie to myself forever, though – Jason was HOT, with broad shoulders and a deep gravelly voice that made my whole body vibrate with pleasure. He worked out in the back yard every morning, right underneath my bedroom. I used to just watch from behind the glass door but eventually found myself getting up earlier than usual to tan on my balcony. I’d wear my sexiest, tiniest bikinis. Anything to try get him to look at me.

One hot Sunday in July, mom was at lunch with her friends, and Jason had gone on a fishing trip. With the place to myself, I blasted my music and laid out topless by the pool. I oiled up my neck, breasts, abs, and legs, tied my blonde hair into a loose bun, and closed my eyes.

After about an hour, I couldn’t take the heat and opened my eyes to jump into the pool.

That’s when I saw my mom’s new boyfriend. I hadn’t heard him arrive, but he was standing on the back porch, staring at me. He didn’t say anything, but I knew he liked what he saw. Feeling a rush of lust and confidence, I covered my nipples with my pinky fingers and jumped into the pool.

‘Aren’t you coming in?’ I called.

He walked to the edge of the pool where I was floating, my bare body just covered by the water. He took my bikini top and stuffed it in his jeans pocket.

“It’s about time you stopped teasing me with these little outfits. This is mine now.” He winked.

I jumped out of the pool to grab it from him, and he playfully held it above his head, out of my reach. I pressed a hand against his package and rubbed slowly. His arm dropped, and he leaned in to kiss me. Hearing mom’s car on the gravel out front, I grabbed my top from his hands and sprinted back inside.

It was constant after that. Secret looks, a hand on my lower hip as he passed me. Jason was making me crazy. He was all I thought about. Deep down, I knew it was wrong to go after my mom’s new boyfriend but I couldn’t ignore what my body longed for…

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