Mom’s New Boyfriend: The day I seduced and fucked him! Part two

One Saturday morning, we were in the kitchen, making breakfast when mom’s phone rang. Her boss started yelling about some work emergency, and she promised to be there in 30 minutes. She was pissed because we were supposed to spend the day together. Jason, my mom’s new boyfriend assured her that he’d look after everything. He helped her get her purse and saw her out to her car. Before he got back, I thought, “It’s now or never.” I ran upstairs to change into my smallest, tightest shorts to show off my body. I Fixed my hair, and threw on some lip gloss. I knew this was my chance to seduce my mom’s new boyfriend.

By the time he got back inside, I was topless in the kitchen, fixing his breakfast. He said nothing but sat at the breakfast bar watching me. Midway through eating, he asked for some more coffee. The freshly pressed jug was behind me, but I told him to come and get it.

He hesitated, but cleared his throat and stood up. I blocked his path. He stood behind me and put both hands on my hips to move me. I felt him squeeze ever so slightly, causing a shiver on every inch of my skin as I felt his breath on my neck. I didn’t move, and his large hands began to slowly wander upwards until they were evenly positioned over my pert breasts. He squeezed, pulling me closer to him. His lips met my neck, and I was in heaven.

He dropped tiny kisses up and down my neck and then used his tongue to lick up to my ear, whispering how long he had waited for this.

Still behind me, he wrapped one arm around my waist and lowered his right hand to my shorts. He toyed with the buttons, and I moaned. I wiggled my ass a little and felt his erection through his jeans.

“You’re teasing me, Brianna,” he rasped.

I stepped away from him and turned to face him, dropping to my knees. Mmm I couldn’t wait to see him naked! I unbuckled his jeans, revealing a perfect, rock hard cock. Making light circles around the head of his dick and licked down to his balls with my tongue. I cupped them in my hand and played with them gently as he gripped the counter tops. I could see I was driving him crazy. After a few minutes, I finally took his entire dick in my mouth and started sucking. I could feel his it pulsating and shaking, and he grabbed my hair to guide me. He got a little rough, and I looked up at him with watery blue eyes to let him know I liked it.

Using his big arms to lift me, he positioned my tiny body on the counter top and spread my legs. He ripped my bottoms off and started tracing my inner thighs with his fingertips. I lay on the counter top and couldn’t stop the moans coming from deep within me. My back arched as he kissed and licked my clit before flipping me over and burying his cock inside me.  Screaming with pleasure as he pulled my hands behind my back and found his rhythm, telling me how good I felt.

I could feel him stretching out my tight pussy with each stroke.

I met each pump with a circular motion from my hips. He pulled me upwards to let my breasts bounce in time with each stroke, and I could hear his moans getting deeper and more intense with each movement. Maneuvering me slightly so that I was angled towards the big mirror on the wall, I lifted my arms above my head and into his hair so he could see my entire body and him inside me.

Then I came. A hot wave of euphoria swept across every inch of my body, and I completely melted into Jason. He held me to keep me upright, laughing as he saw the complete and utter power he held over me. I screamed until my breath ran out, my thighs quivering and heart racing.

He quickly pulled out and put me on my knees again. I played with my boobs and opened my mouth wide, ready to take his load. He jerked his cock right above my face and moaned my name one final time before exploding all over me. I took everything I could into my mouth as he put a firm grip around my neck and ordered me to swallow. I obeyed, and have obeyed him every time we’ve had sex since.

Maybe it’s wrong, but I never knew my body could feel so alive until I met Jason. The fact that he’s my mom’s boyfriend just made it so much hotter. I knew the summer wouldn’t last forever, so I decided to make the most of it, just as Jason wanted to make the most of me!

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