Mommy Teaches her son about sex, is this subject taboo?

Micheal leaned into the caress all the time thinking he wished she was touching his cock!

“Why don’t we put this breakfast aside for now, I think we have more pressing things to deal with right now.”  She placed the tray over on her bedside stand and then leaned over to her son and whispered, “Have you ever been with a woman?”  Micheal shook his head in response.  “Would you like me to teach you all about it, so you have more confidence?”  Again Micheal nodded his head.

“Mommy is going to teach you how to fuck!”

Micheal was so excited he could barely contain himself.  His beloved Mommy was going to teach him learn how to fuck!  What could be better!  “First thing we have to do is get you out of those clothes.”  Micheal stood up and had his clothes off in record time.  “My my aren’t we excited!  Come over here and sit next to me.  I want to show you what it feels like to have a woman touch you.”

She reached over and gently trailed her fingernails from the tip of his cock down to his balls.

The reaction was involuntary!  His cock jerked and jumped and another drop of pre cum popped out of the tip of his cock.  “Now it is your turn.  I want you to gently touch my breasts and then pinch the nipple.”  Micheal swallowed hard and then reached over and took a hold of his Mommy’s breast and slowly ran his fingers over it until he reached the nipple and then gently squeezed.  His Mommy was teaching her son!

Throwing back her head a slight moan escaped her lips as her eyes went shut.

“Oh Micheal that feels so good, please do it again.”  Micheal did as he was told and before you knew it he had a hand on each breast and was slowly massaging them.  “That is wonderful, but now let’s move onto the next step.”

Sitting up she pushed the sheet off her lap exposing her wet, waiting pussy.

“Oh Mommy, it looks so um interesting.  I never saw one in real life before.”

“Well, I am here to explain and show everything to you.  First thing you must remember is a gentle touch at first.”  Micheal listened intently as his Mommy explained different parts of her pussy and showed him how to touch her to get the most pleasure.  “You are such a fast learner, I think we are ready to have some more fun.”

“Oh yes Mommy, I can hardly wait!  Is this when I get to put my cock into your pussy?’

“Slow down, I am hear to teach you so you know how to do this to your future girlfriends.  Don’t ever forget that this is for your own good, and I want to make you a success with the women.  Mommy is going to teach her son!”

“Yes Mommy!”

So there you have the taboo topic of incest, or is it taboo?  Maybe it is just a concerned mother trying to help her son by teaching him, and what better way than hands on?   Some might consider this morally wrong but in other circles it is just the way things are done.  It is up to you to decide if you think that this is taboo or concerned parenting.

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