Mommy Teaches Son about sex!

Taboo Sex Stories: Her Son Took Really Good Care of Her on Her Birthday

Taboo Sex Stories push the boundaries of what is and are not acceptable in society.
However, what if it was not just a story? Mommy Teaching her son?!
What if this were true?
Imagine pushing the taboo topic out of a story and into reality.

That is what my friend did with her son.
This taboo and a very sexy, story will have you wondering how much goes on in this house on a regular basis.

It was his mom’s birthday and Michael wanted to make sure his mom knew just how much he appreciated her.
So, he made her breakfast and some coffee and wanted to surprise her with breakfast in bed.
When it was all done, he put it on a tray to carry it to her room.   He even went to the trouble of picking a rose from the garden and putting it in a vase for the tray.  
What he saw when he walked in stopped him in his tracks.

His cock was instantly hard as he peered at his mother’s naked body sprawled out on her bed.

She was lying on her stomach completely exposed.
Her legs were spread and bent at the knee giving him a complete view of her pussy and ass.
In addition, he could see the curve of her breast with her arm tucked under it.
Unable to take his eyes off of her he felt his cock straining against his pants.

He knew that if he were to look down he would see pre-cum on the outside of his pants.

Then, his imagination started running wild and his deepest and darkest Mommy/Son fantasy rose in his mind.
Of course, the desire to touch her brings those fantasies into the realm of reality was too strong for him to resist. His main fantasy was having Mommy teach her son about sex!  Not sure what to do Micheal took a hesitant step into the room, and then another.

His cock was straining against his pants and was throbbing.

It was at that moment that his mom started to stir.  She stretched her arms up over her head and this caused her beautiful round tits to pop up and her nipples were hard!.  Micheal stood frozen, not knowing what to do just at that point his mom’s eyes fluttered open and she looked over at Micheal smiling.

“You brought me breakfast, how sweet!”  Sitting up, she pulled the sheet up over her lap and then patted the bed beside her. “Come sit with me Sweet Boy!”

“Sorry Mommy, I just wanted to give you breakfast in bed for your birthday, I ,um, didn’t, um want to interrupt your sleep.”

“It’s OK to come sit with me, my son.   You don’t mind me being naked do you?”

“No, um, it’s ok.” Micheal walked over and handed his mother the tray and then carefully sat down beside her trying to conceal his rock hard cock.

“I see you have another birthday gift for me this morning.”  She looked pointedly right at his rock hard cock.  “I couldn’t think of a better birthday present.”  Smiling at her confused son she placed her hand lovingly along his cheek and caressed it.  “Mommy wants to teach her son the ways to please a woman.”


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