Mom/Son Roleplay Fantasy – Natalie’s Son’s Secret Lust – Part 2

Welcome back for more of this mom/son roleplay! Enjoy the sexy conclusion to Part 1!

We stare at each other, shocked.

Me, watching my son vigorously fuck his fleshlight to photos of me, HIS MOTHER, on his phone. You sitting there with double the embarrassment of being caught: caught by the person you were jerking off to, and being caught by your mother. For those first few moments when we catch each other’s eyes, you stop thrusting. You’re frozen from the panic of being busted with your new toy. But that panic is quickly overwhelmed by the aroma of my perfume filling your room. God, that sexy scent makes your cock throb so hard these days. Your body’s animal instincts take over. You slowly resume fucking your toy. If I’m not going to tell you to stop, why should you? And I know I should tell you to stop, or at the very least walk away. But… I can’t.

I can’t walk away from my son’s hard cock.

I’m just… so turned on! When I first walked in you were so intense, going at that fake pussy so forcefully. And for me! Your mother! I can’t help but be flattered that you would rather jerk off to your mom, a woman twice your age, than any young girl you know. All the gorgeous women in the world, and you’re here pounding it out for your mother, the one pussy you can’t have. 

I lean against the doorway, watching you.

Realizing I’m staying for the show, you fuck your toy with your whole dick. Taking the entire length out of the pussy, then pushing it back in. Wow. I didn’t know my son was packing such a massive cock! You continue to show it off to me. I’m so fucking horny. I pull my tits out of my shirt and start playing with my nipples. Grinning, you fuck that pussy toy faster, never looking away from me, daring me to touch your cock. It’s a dare I can’t resist. I walk over to your bed, and you pull your cock out of the toy.

Your dick throbs in my hand.

I stroke your cock with the same intensity as you were just fucking that toy. My beautiful breasts are bouncing in your face as I stroke you. It’s so overwhelming, you can’t believe it’s happening. You want to cum with every second that goes by, but you know you’ll regret ending it too soon.  My pussy is so wet. Each of your words encourages me to keep stroking my son’s cock

Suddenly you can take it no longer.

It’s time. You’re going to cum for mom, from her actual hands on your dick. If you can’t blow in my pussy, you know already know exactly where you want to cum. In just a few moments your load is shooting out at me, covering my breasts with your cum. I get up to go clean myself up and kiss you on the forehead. “Next time your cock gets hard, don’t bother with that silly toy. Just come straight to Mom.”


I have a passion for writing naughty stories, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you enjoyed Part Two of this mom/son roleplay and want more, listen to me read my filthy story to you in my sexy voice, and get extra-spicy details in my audio!

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